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Groom Attire Ideas for Casual Lifestyle Pants

May 13, 2015 5:51 pmViews: 210

Groom attire ideas from the bachelor parties to your honeymoon.

Groom Attire Ideas for Casual Lifestyle Pants.

Groom attire ideas to add khakis for honeymoon or romantic getaway wardrobe.
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New Men’s Style Survey Shows Khakis Climbing to Top.

If you need some groom attire ideas for your wedding celebrations, one of the comebacks is the new look of khakis. It seems that the timeless pants never really went out of style. They are right for almost any occasion. Like bachelor parties and backyard get-togethers. And when traveling by plane, train or car.

According to an annual survey of men and their pants, khakis are the style of choice.  More than 72 percent of men say they are buying more khakis today than five years ago. A full 86 percent of men said that today’s khakis are now more stylish.

According to the survey, performance features like stretch, stain resistance and strategically placed pockets are in style. While pleats are definitely out. And the most important improvement by 44 percent.

“Today’s khakis are definitely not what your father wore,” said Noah Robertson, co-founder and design director for Mountain Khakis.  “They no longer relegate to casual Fridays and just golf outings. Guys are wearing them in the boardroom, on the trail and everywhere between. The key to a perfect pair of khakis is that there is no limit to where and how they can be worn.”

The company survey was done over three years to determine what men look for in a great pair of pants. The survey includes more than 2,000 respondents from Gen Xers to Millennials, and archeologists to accountants. Who overwhelmingly said that khakis are their wardrobe essential.  And one respondent said, “They’ve are welcom into the fold, so-to speak. In terms of good-looking, high-quality clothing that crosses over with ease from the trail to dinner out.”

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