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Green Weddings Planning idea tips for eco savings

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The financial investment made for green weddings.
Green Weddings Planning idea tips for eco savings.

Green Weddings planning for love and a commitment to a shared future.

When a wedding is $20,000 or more it is rare to have that kind of spending power. So put your love and your wallet to work for the environment when you can. Here are some ideas to help make your celebration a green wedding.

Your rings.
Pick eco-friendly rings. Every wedding needs something old and something new. A timeless recycled vintage ring can be chic and trendy. Not to mention environmentally responsible.

The production of one tiny band of gold results in 20 tons of mine waste according to Earthworks. An organization that works to protect the environment from the impact of mineral development.

Or go for silver bands. The mining of silver is a bit gentler on the environment.

Conflict free diamonds are a must.

It is all about the Dress.
Make a statement in vintage. It is perfect for green weddings in organic or sustainable materials. A hand-me-down dress is the most environmentally and cost-friendly.

If you prefer a new dress look for one that is made of certified organic cotton. Polyester is petroleum-based and most regular cotton is grown with harsh pesticides.

Grooms can also participate in green weddings. They can wear an all natural fiber tux or suit. Their ushers can can wear all natural fiber dress shirts made of hemp or organic cotton.

Choose bridesmaid dresses that can actually be worn again.

Invitations for Green Weddings.
Paperless evites are the most eco-friendly. If you want something more traditional try recycled paper. Ask for an online RSVP.

Skip the printed directions and other items stuffed into envelopes. Place all the information on your Wedding Website.

Sending invitations electronically or on recycled paper stock will save money and trees. Bonus for going the electronic route. And you will save on the fuel used to deliver the cards.

Remember that you may need to mail some invitations for those who do not have a computer.

A large part of your wedding dollar is spent on the location. If possible choose a ceremony and reception venue near most of your guests. This will cut down on their drive or fly times.

If you have a botanical garden or park locally check to see if they are wedding venues. Consider a fuel efficient shuttle to drive guests to and from venues if you are booking a hotel or banquet hall.

For a location choice, scientist say that big cities might be better than country locations. Cities for the most part have less energy use in terms of per capita carbon.

Local is the name of the game. Check out wineries and breweries in your area. Choose an organic or bio dynamic wine alternative.

For your meal talk to the farmers at your local market. They will tell you in season foods at the time of your wedding. Your menu will be fresher and easier on nature.

Gifts for Green Weddings.
Register for gifts that you actually need. And that you will definitely use. If possible ones that are healthy for the planet.

You can also include an option for your guests to donate to your favorite charity. Or create your own personal fundraising page on your wedding website. Complete with photos, updates and a guestbook.

The most eco friendly way is to ask for no gifts at all. So if you don’t need them, let your guests know on your invite. Or to donate to a charity of your or their choice.

Flowers for Green Weddings.
Organic flower bouquets are in keeping with eco-friendly. Dried or silk flowers can be tastefully arranged as well. If you are planning traditional centerpieces try potted plants. They will have a long happy life when brought home by your guests. Wedding décor and landscaping in one fell swoop!

It is estimated that the average couple spends over $400 on favors for their guests. A greener option? Donate the amount set aside in your budget to a favorite charity. List it in your program or with a notice on each table.

If you are giving an amount to a charity add the information to the Best Man’s speech list.

Honeymoon ideas for Green Weddings.
The party might be over but the honeymoon has just begun. One way to lessen your trip’s environmental impact is to forgo a far destination. As the cost of fuel continues to rise keeping it local will save you in travel costs.

If you’re heading off to an exotic location many travel companies offer eco-trips or environmentally friendly excursions.

No matter how you decide to spend your honeymoon you can buy energy offset credits to offset the toll your travel has on the environment.

Sources: and The Nature Conservancy. Protecting nature. Preserving life.

Green Weddings Planning idea tips for eco savings.

Do not fall for buzz words like green, sustainable living or environmentally friendly.

Green Weddings Planning idea tips for eco savings.

Green wedding tips.

Just make sure you are planning a real green wedding. Do not fall for a company that is just using the buzz words. Like green. Sustainable living or environmentally friendly.

Do your research. Check out your sources online before you sign any contracts.

The Eco-Chic Weddings book includes quick and easy-to-follow tips to make your wedding socially responsible. It provides environmentally friendly tips to help green weddings planning.

• Use in-season flowers to save on price. It also reduces the environmental cost of shipping in non-local flowers.

• Skip the save-the-date card and save some trees. And a lot of hassle.

• Do not purchase items you will only use at the wedding. Invest in dresses and items you will reuse.

The book chapters are very well constructed. They include wedding basics from the engagement rings to married life. The Appendix lists several eco resources.

Eco-Chic Weddings by Emily Elizabeth Anderson. Hatherleigh Press ISBN: 978-1-57826-240-3. – SW

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