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Gift Ideas Royal family received from BC designer

November 19, 2016 12:14 pmViews: 141

Gift Ideas Royal family received from BC designer Chloë Angus.

Gift Ideas Royal family Prince William received are thoughts for weddings and holidays.

 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking at gifts from BC designer Chloë Angus.

Gift ideas Royal family received are also good ideas for flower girls and ring bearers at weddings.

Vancouver, BC Canada 2016.
Vancouver-based fashion designer Chloë Angus is the designer of the five gifts for The Royals and their children. It was during their visit to British Columbia and the Yukon.

The gifts are from the Chloë Angus Design Spirit Collection. That is a long-running collaboration between the designer and First Nations artists.

Prince William and Prince George gifts are a matching set of blue silk bow ties.

Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte gifts are Spirit Wraps with Akoya shell buttons. With artwork by Haida artist Clarence Mills.

Gift Ideas Royal family received from BC designer are good for weddings and holidays.

Gifts the Royal family received from designer Chloë Angus during their visit in BC.

Kate’s wrap gift is most of all, a piece of wearable West Coast art. The art is emblazoned with a Mother Bear motif in a deep shade of sapphire blue. As a result, the design and colour were chosen in honour of Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

Princess Charlotte’s gift is a child-sized Mother Bear Spirit Wrap in baby pink. And a perfect gift for your Flower Girl.

Designer Chloë Angus was born in BC, and raised behind a sewing machine instead of a television. As a result, she has been designing clothes since a young girl. Her design aesthetic influence is by the wild and iconic landscape of Canada’s West Coast. And the First Nation’s people that are her neighbors.

Working with Clarence Mills before completing her fashion design education, Chloë learned hands-on about the timeless art of the Haida people. After finishing school, she embarked on a project with Clarence to unite fashion with this unique West-Coast art. And the Spirit Collection was born. And therefore, it continues to develop with new designs, artists and inspirations.

Visit Chloë Angus Design online.

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