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Fragrance Vitabath Collection includes Hydrating Lotions


Fragrance Vitabath collection has good choices to take on your honeymoon.

Fragrance Vitabath Collection includes Hydrating Lotions. [2]

Fragrance Vitabath collection selections you can choose from.

With the new addition of this non-greasy ultra moisturizing body lotion. Each collection now includes a moistening Body Wash, Hydrating lotion and a convenient Spray Fragrance Mist.

A fragrance for every mood and moment. These blended formulations are cocktails with love. They are offering you an indulgent opportunity to mix and match. And you can create an unique experience to suit your own personality.

Whether you are Fruity Fabulous that is a twist of the traditional. A Bloomfloral. A Cupcake Couture or a Spa Day Diva like me. For under 10 bucks the collection offers an affordable, healthy blend of concentrated botanicals. Plus vitamins are formulated for each and every occasion.

Fragrance Vitabath collection includes hydrating lotions in their travel packs.

The four fun collections are LAYERED with love! The collection is free from parabens, sulfates, silicone and mineral oil. You can experience the benefits enriching your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. While at the same time offering you a variety of delightful fragrances.

Perfect for the bride on her wedding day. It can give an added touch of confidence keeping skin soft and hydrated. The items have a luxurious moisture and a delicate scent.

Delectably delightful for the honeymoon too. The items are available in travel packs. So there is no excuse ladies. Convenient to pack. You get feel the love all day long!

Whether you are the traditional classic or a fragrance guru. To discover what kind of fragrance you would like to try, visit www.myvitabath.com [3] to find a retailer location near you. Or try them one at a time.

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