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First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Newlyweds

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First wedding anniversary traditional and modern.

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Newlyweds.

Viola tricolor pansy flower.

First wedding anniversary gifts for newlyweds depends if you want to follow the traditional or the modern list. There are symbols for each one. The flower and gemstone associated with the first anniversary stays the same.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Symbols.
Traditional: Paper.
Modern: Clock.
Flower: Pansy.
Gemstone: Fresh water pearls.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Paper Ideas.
• Tickets to something. A sports game, concert, theater or movie.
• A subscription to a favorite magazine or newspaper.
• Personalized stationary.
• A first edition book or comic.
• Romantic novels.
• A book that interests your spouse.
• Photo of somewhere romantic to the both of you. Your honeymoon spot or where you met. And choose a great frame to put the photo in.
• Scrapbook to start to keep your photos and collectibles together.
• Gift Voucher.
• Board Game.
• Personalized writing instruments such as an engraved pen.
• Flight tickets somewhere.
• Holiday accommodation gift.

First Wedding Anniversary Clock Ideas.
• Inexpensive clock. • Clock poster. • Antique clock. • Painting of a clock. • Personalized clock. • Wristwatch.
• Wall clock. • Desk clock. • Sports watch. • Waterproof watch. • A nice watch. • Vintage clocks. • Original clocks.
• Electric clocks. • Clocks with precious gemstones. • Diamond decorated clock. • Golden clock. • Opening clock that has one side a picture frame. • Gifts with clocks included such as calculators or organizers.

First Wedding Anniversary Pansy Flower Ideas.
First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Newlyweds. Pansy is the first anniversary flower.The Pansy, shown left, is a small delicate flower fitting to represent one year of marriage.

• You could give a pansy theme present. Or maybe a pot plant with pansies in it or order them to be delivered by a local florist.

• Pansies are a favorite due to their multi-colored happy faces that grow anywhere and bloom under even harsh conditions.

• Their name means thought from the French word pensee. Bright pansy faces can seem pensive and full of wisdom with their whisker-patterned petals.

• Pansies can be used both as accent flowers. Such as groupings for focal points in window boxes, flower pots and garden beds. As they come in almost every color and various sizes.

First Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Fresh Water Pearls Ideas.
First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Newlyweds. Fresh water pear necklace the gemstone for first wedding anniversary.Fresh water pearls, shown right, are a very pretty gemstone. A great gift would be a pair of pretty pearl earrings.

• Pearls really are timeless elegance. Maybe a gift of a beautiful freshwater pearl necklace.

• Consider buying your fresh water pearls online. Remember to take note of the actual dimensions of any jewelry purchased online as they can sometimes look bigger.

First Wedding Anniversary How to Celebrate Ideas.
• The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by just the couple.

• No matter what your circumstances are, try not to overlook this day.

• There are many ways you could celebrate. Whether you will be staying home or having a getaway somewhere you both like to go.

• What you do for your first wedding anniversary could start off traditions for your following anniversaries.

• Make sure you do something special that you both will remember. You will be counting years together by your anniversary date. Try not to forget it as there are more to come.

• The traditional and modern symbols are different each year. It will help you decide what type of a card or gift to make or buy for your spouse.

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Newlyweds.

Wedding Anniversary Gift List.

1st Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Fresh Water Pearls.
Flower: Pansy.
Traditional: paper.
Modern: clock.
6th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Amethyst.
Flower: Calla Lily.
Traditional: iron or sugar.
Modern: wood.
2nd Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Garnet.
Flower: Cosmos.
Traditional: cotton or straw.
Modern: china.
7th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Onyx.
Flower: Jack-in-the-Pulpit.
Traditional: copper or wool.
Modern: desk set.
3rd Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Pearls.
Flower: Fuchsia.
Traditional: leather.
Modern: crystal or glass.
8th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Tourmaline.
Flower: Clematis.
Traditional: bronze or pottery.
Modern: lace or linen.
4th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Blue Topaz.
Flower: Geranium.
Traditional: books, flowers or fruit.
Modern: linen or silk.
9th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli.
Flower: Poppy.
Traditional: pottery  or willow.
Modern: leather.
5th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: Sapphire.
Flower: Daisy.
Traditional: wood.
Modern: silverware.
10th Wedding Anniversary.
Gemstone: diamond Jewellery.
Flower: Daffodil.
Traditional: aluminum/tin.
Modern: diamond jewellery.


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