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Fiji Islands romantic getaway paradise havens

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The Fiji Islands offers an unique greeting from everyone.

Fiji Islands moonlit floating dinner at the Turtle Island Resort Fiji.

A Moonlit floating dinner at Turtle Island Resort in the Fiji Islands.

Welcome to Paradise it was music to our ears after a 12-hour flight from Los Angeles to Fiji Islands Yasawa Island Resort.

Meeting a group of hot and dusty journalists at the tiny airstrip for a much-appreciated meet and greet was just what we needed to begin the first of our three island resorts stay.

And the welcome mat is always with a smile and a unique greeting from everyone.

The fact that absolutely everyone knows and remembers your name is like a sunny homecoming. Fijians are among the friendliest people on earth. And it truly is warmth you’ll remember. You are met with a special Bula that means Hello in Fijian. As well as a song when you arrive. And a traditional farewell song when you depart.

Our first stay was at The Yasawa Island Resort one of the more remote spots on Fiji Islands.

Yasawa Island Resort one of the more remote spots in the jewel-like Yasawa Islands chain lives up to its name. Yasawa is one of 15 words in the Fijian language for heaven. And it is an apt description.

The resort has 18 thatched bures or private villas. Bure means sanctuary in Fijian. And from the moment you cross the threshold, you are guaranteed the best of care and comfort in a totally stress-free atmosphere.

Day beds on the veranda as well as inside for a little reading or relaxation midday. Your own hammock out back just happens to be set on lush vegetation facing the ocean. It certainly is not a bad way to unwind from the overload of city life. Neither are the spa services. If you have never had a massage with the open air sea breezes cooling your brow you are in for a special treat.

The Yasawa Resort promised loads of lobster for the seafood lover in us all. And they delivered. Rock lobster omelets for breakfast. Cold lobster for wonderful picnics on a secluded beach somewhere. And lobster for dinners under the stars.

Gourmet meals created by international chefs are a staple of each of the resorts we visited. With menus that earn them their exclusive five-star rating. Though diets are definitely not thought about the food is wholesome as well as delicious.

Because Yasawa Island Resort was the first resort visited it provided a first for this writer in several ways.

It was my first taste of snorkeling in the care of the fine pros at one of Fiji Islands best diving locales. And it was my first taste of the celebrated Fijian drink Kava. Which has been used in Fiji Islands social and business life from time immemorial.

The drinking ceremony showcased a giant Kava receptacle as the centerpiece. It is accompanied by chanting and hand clapping. The drink is served in wooden bowls or coconut shells and passed around the group. Everyone is expected to take a generous sip. Kava is pounded into powder from the pepper tree. When mixed with water it turns into a liquid brownish grey shade.

It was jokingly described by one of my colleagues as drinking liquid mud. Though the afterglow is decidedly non-muddy.

As in all of the resorts we visited weddings and honeymoons are a large part of the Fijian resort business. And no one does it with more panache than the Fiji Islands resorts.

A Fijian wedding dress is historical. Getting married at an island resort you dress the part. There will be a Fijian choir and warriors to escort you along a waterway with floral decorations on the bamboo raft. This will color your world for the water procession. A conch shell is blown to announce your arrival.

Though the wedding dinner may be a private affair. You can opt to have everyone at the resort including the staff joining in the celebration. Where else would you find such an agreeable and instant extended family?

Several major romantic films have been shot on location in the Fiji Islands.

When it comes to destination weddings and honeymoons few resorts can surpass the reputation of the multi-award winning Turtle Island Resort. Another luxury resort in the Yasawa Island Chain. It is the locale of that romantic film The Blue Lagoon.

In fact two of the Blue Lagoon movies were filmed at Turtle. The 1949 original movie with British actress Jean Simmons. And the 1979 remake with American actress Brooke Shields. The original bure Shields stayed in is still used complete with her jaunty straw hat.

The Fiji Islands resort is a south pacific haven for celebrities who crave an exclusive but solitary atmosphere. Nowhere can you find the degree of pampering that you do at Turtle. Though there is no guarantee for happily ever after. But once you leave the resort, happiness seems to be a given.

The resort’s unique feature represents the height of luxury on the Fiji Islands. There is a manager for each of the 14 bures that are built along the shores of the famous Blue Lagoon.

Bure managers are in charge of the laundry and housekeeping and cater to the visitor’s needs. With a smile of course. From the moment you arrive at the resort, your bure manager is there with a camera to snap your picture. He will be doing this during every activity throughout your stay.

They will not only look after you when needed but they will accompany you on your island tours. Help you set up your picnic on one of the 14 white sand beaches. And participate in sports activities with you.

Even though it is tough to come home and make your own lemonade after a hard day at the office. Your memories of Turtle’s good times are preserved in a handsome wooden photo box presented to you upon your departure.

Aside from the glamorous aspect Turtle Island represents a spectacular example of how nature can be cared for. It is in fact a nature lover’s paradise. With hiking trails through coconut groves, banana mango and papaya plantations. Other paths lead to a spectacular rainforest and a rich marine life in the surrounding waters.

Fiji Islands romantic getaway at the Jean-Michel Cousteau is a paradise havens.

Our last stop on this gorgeous tour of some of Fiji’s most renowned resorts was Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. The resort is located on the big island of Vanua Levu among a former 17-acre coconut plantation.

The resort is an international favorite for romance, weddings and honeymoons. And it certainly lives up to its Cousteau namesake with its emphasis on ecology. It has certified world-class diving. Day and night snorkeling. And educational talks from the resort’s on-site marine biologist.

All the fruits and vegetables are organically grown. And a wellness program ensures a healthy stay. A friendly medicine man will also give you some fascinating lectures about local customs and herbal remedies.

The resort prides itself on creating the perfect wedding or romantic interlude in paradise. Imagine a private candlelit dinner at the end of a pier decorated with hundreds of lights. Or supper on your own private island for the day. To cap off a perfect day in paradise the Honeymoon Point Reef Suite. The suite is a 750 square foot bure with a private spa tub on the front balcony. With a breathtaking ocean view and a minibar. The luxurious king size bed has a custom-made mattress.

The Fiji Islands resort has travel romance packages. One all about rest and relaxation. The other a combination of romance and outdoor adventure.

Spa services offer the traditional Fijian massage called the Bobo. It is a decadent blend of tropical nut, coconut oils and special percussive techniques to relax tired muscles.

Fiji Islands for Romantic Getaways and shopping in their marketplace.

Loads of unique things at the Fiji Islands marketplace.

Though shopping on the Fiji Islands may not be considered the most romantic thing to do. No woman can resist being adorned with an elegant bauble as an island keepsake.

In between the cornucopia of activities we visited the nearby town of Savusavu. Where we were introduced to the island’s pearl industry. Especially Fiji’s renowned black pearls which are sold at wholesale prices by friendly factory offices of J. Hunter Pearls.

Other special reminders of your trip may be the fine handmade shell jeweler sold by the Fijian women at the marketplaces. Or on the beaches. Along with beautiful woven baskets. Or Tapa cloth which is used in island dress and wall art hangings.

When all is said and done it is still the people of Fiji Islands you’ll remember forever. Whether it is the smiling children dressed in their Sunday best outside a pristine church. Or the village chief welcoming you to his simple home. As everywhere it is the friendship that makes any place a true paradise. Visit

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