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Fathers Day Gift Guide Wedding Ideas Trends

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Find Something Special in the Fathers Day Gift Guide.
Fathers Day Gift Guide Wedding Ideas Trends.
Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy in Father of the Bride classic (1950).

Fathers Day Gift Guide Wedding Ideas Trends.

Elizabeth Taylor gown by Helen Rose.

Father of the Bride is a 1950 American comedy film classic. It’s about a father (Spencer Tracy) trying to cope with preparations for his daughter’s upcoming wedding. The plans for a lavish wedding continue until the day that the groom-to-be (Don Taylor) tells the bride-to-be (Elizabeth Taylor) that he wants to take her on a fishing trip in Nova Scotia for their honeymoon.

She reacts to the announcement with shock and calls off the wedding. But the couple soon reconcile. The two families begin their wedding rehearsals.

On the day of the wedding chaos reigns at the bride’s home. Final preparations are made for the reception. The wedding ceremony brings both joy and sorrow. The father of the bride realizes that his daughter is now a woman. The following day they survey the mess in their home. All agree that the entire affair was a great success.

Tayor’s vintage ’50s gown was designed by MGM studio costumer Helen Rose.

A remake of the same name starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton was released in 1991. A sequel Father of the Bride Part II in 1995 also starred Martin and Keaton.

Read when former US president Bill Clinton walked his daughter down the aisle.

Fathers Day Gift Guide ideas on the right side.

Whether it’s appreciating and thanking Dad for all that he does this Father’s Day. Or his help in planning your wedding. Or rehearsing for the special dance with you at your wedding. A unique gift that truly shows how much you care is a nice gesture. Here are some shopping ideas from our Fathers Day Gift Guide advertisers on the right side.

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