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Event Planning Expert Tips Others May Not Tell You

August 12, 2015 11:10 amViews: 67

Event Planning Expert Shares Her Five Tips.

Event Planning Expert Tips Others May Not Tell You.

Event planning tips other planners may not tell you.

Wedding planners have seen it all. But what do they actually think that they won’t tell the bride-to-be?

To get the scoop we tapped into Louise Lambert, Wedding and Catering Manager at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, one of Southern California’s premier wedding locations. Having helped plan over 500 weddings, we asked Louise to share the five things she wants to tell her brides and grooms, but never would until now.

Event planning expert Louise Lambert tells you five tips others may not.

1. It is time for cupcakes to go away. The wedding cake cutting tradition of the groom placing his hand over the bride’s to slice the first piece of cake symbolizes the continuity in their relationship.

The groom’s hand over the bride means his support over his bride while the bride allowing the groom’s hand on top of hers means her ability to take care of her new husband and her family.

So while brides and grooms think they are being fun and trendy by substituting cake for cupcakes, they are foregoing a special tradition.

2. Pinterest can be the enemy. Pinterest and other popular wedding sites and blogs have changed the wedding planning world. Couples are finding more themes, decor ideas and culinary concepts online. However, budgets and reality often mean the couple will not get their Pinterest perfect wedding.

To try to curb disappointment, I typically ask the brides and grooms what specifically about certain photos they like. This way, I can guide him or her in the appropriate direction for their wedding decor or theme.

3. I can’t do it all. The bride/groom needs to be prepared too. On the big day, things can happen at a moment’s notice and I am often being pulled in various different directions. This means I need the bride/groom to help prepare me to be ready for anything. I always politely ask that my brides compile a list of contacts with set-up details. This includes arrival times and flow for all vendors. And I can handle any bumps in the road, and field frantic calls from vendors on their wedding day.

4. Your flowers will wilt if it is an outdoor venue on a warm day. Yes, there are things we can do from lightly spritzing flowers with cool water. Or waiting longer to put them outside and adding market umbrellas to provide shade. But if it is a really warm day, be prepared to have some wilting going on. It’s just nature!

5. Don’t go MIA. I can not do my best job if I can’t get a hold of a bride or groom. Stay connected with your planner and make sure things are moving ahead. I typically send a detailed next steps to my brides and grooms outlining how the planning process will work. This includes two way communication, not just a bunch of unanswered emails on my end.

Event Planning Expert Tips Others May Not Tell You.

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Louise Lambert, Wedding Manager at the Sheraton Carlsbad, is a Certified Wedding Professional. She has worked in the hospitality and event planning industry in San Diego for 17 years, and has helped plan over 500 weddings.

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