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Elopements Kellie Pickler country singer elopes in the Caribbean

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Celebrity Elopements American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler did not want a big Nashville wedding.

Elopements was the choice for Kellie Pickler country singer in the Caribbean.

Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs toasting elopements in Antigua.

Elopements vs traditional weddings.

Singer Kellie Pickler trying on her gown by Badgley Mischa for her Caribbean elopement.

Kellie Pickler trying on her wedding gown. at Badgley Mischa.

Elopements were the last thing on Kellie Picklers’ wedding plans.

Everything was set for country singing star Kellie Pickler and songwriter Kyle Jacobs’ wedding in Nashville. The cake. The flowers. The gown …!

But instead on January 1st, 2011 Kelli took her Badgley Mishka strapless ball gown, with the sweetheart neckline and beaded accents on the back of the tulle skirt, to a private Caribbean island. And her marriage ceremony on the beach.

Pickler said in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 24th that she and Jacobs were almost done with the Nashville wedding planning. Except for the guest list of which half of the people on the list she hated.

They then came to the realization that this is not us, said Pickler.

Elopements take the stress out of big or difficult wedding planning.

So she and Jacobs decided to elope to the private Jumby Bay resort in Antigua. It is where they got married in the ocean surf at sunset on New Year’s Day.

As the sun went down over the Caribbean the bride-to-be came out of her beachside villa and gave a wave to her groom. He was standing on a sandbar ankle-deep in the sea beyond.

When her bare feet hit the sand ‘she began running as fast as a girl in a wedding dress can go’. Jacobs said, who met her halfway, that she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I gave her a big kiss before I was suppose to do that!

With a first dance to a recording of Vince Gill‘s Look at Us. And a seaside dinner for two, it was a storybook wedding day for a bride and groom.

Pickler declared “Our wedding was just us, God and our minister. It was the most beautiful sacred day of my life.”

The couple’s engagement was in June 2010. Pickler place was in the Top Six of American Idol’s fifth season. Resulting in a near platinum-selling album and three CMA Awards and more.

Elopements are often done in secret.

Traditionally an elopement is a secret marriage that is legally binding.

Today the word elopement is also a destination weddings. Where couples can go to another destination to get married on their holiday.

Quite often couples who elope do so for financial reasons. Or because of family resistance. And often they or their family or friends will have a reception for them when they return.

If you are planning to elope in your hometown area make sure you follow the procedure in securing a marriage license. Make an appointment with an official who can marry you to check out any further information needed.

Las Vegas is known as one of the major places for elopements. But their licenses do have rules and documentation requirements.

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