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DJ Wedding Tips to Set Music Tone at Receptions

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DJ wedding tips to hire the right DJ as part of your dream team.
DJ Wedding Tips to Set Music Tone at Receptions.

You’ve set the date. You’ve booked the Venue. Now you need DJ wedding tips to hire a disc jockey or company that can ultimately make or break the party portion of your reception.

You want to have the best time of your life celebrating with your family and friends on your special day. But how do you choose a DJ you can trust to do a great job?

There are many factors to consider when making this important choice. Approximately 5% of your overall budget will be spent on entertainment. But over twice the number of guests will remember your entertainment choice over anything else!

What is the most important factor to look for? Experience. Nothing else can make up for an experienced DJ. Not the best equipment or light show. Or flashy website with lots of pictures and videos. Most DJ websites that have pictures or videos are staged and can be very misleading. They may not truly represent how well that DJ will perform at your event.

Let’s start with the basic DJ wedding tips. Do you choose a single operator DJ or DJ Company? There are many great single operator DJs and DJ companies alike. Although not for everyone. Choosing a company with multiple DJs may make sense for at least three reasons.

1. They will most likely have a choice of DJ that suits your particular needs. This includes the demographic, interactive and musical requirements that you are looking for.

Can they demonstrate that they are aware of the proper etiquette and procedures for your type of wedding? Will they dress appropriately? Can they make suggestions and offer insightful tips? These are important questions to answer especially if you are considering a friend of a friend who DJs.

2. An established and reputable company is more likely to be insured, licensed and invest in quality sound and lighting systems. They should have back up staff available to cover any emergencies and be easily reachable to answer any of your questions. If a DJ you are considering says they have backup available for your event make sure to get a name and phone number of this DJ. Unfortunately throwing around the term back up is common practice. But few services actually have it in place. Do not compromise the success of your wedding because they can not or won’t make these types of arrangements.

DJ Wedding Tips to Set Music Tone at Receptions.

A full DJ set up for weddings.

3. Consider hiring a DJ company that will give you a written confirmation or contract so you know exactly what to expect and what you are paying for. Established companies do not consider your Wedding a gig to earn a quick buck. Or something to do on the weekend. If you find a company with a proven and verifiable track record in Weddings that include but not limited to client testimonials, venue referrals or other wedding professionals. Then they deserve your serious consideration. These companies understand how important their services are to each and every client. You will never see them trying to steal your spotlight. Companies that focus on weddings understand it is only about your wedding and they enjoy making the party happen. Not being the party!

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Confirm that the DJ or company is licensed prior to booking! It is an actual card that the DJ must carry with them to each and every function. If you are thinking of hiring a DJ that offers CD-Rs as Party Favors know that burning discs for anything other than your personal use is illegal. Even if the discs are conceived as gifts. Basically it infringes the rights of those involved in making the recordings.

Not only is doing your homework crucial it is very important to hire a DJ you can trust to be reliable. For this reason do not choose a DJ based on price alone. You should have a budget. But note that price differences reflect quality of service and ultimately impact value.

Although it is important to invest in quality services. Your DJ should be willing to accommodate your budget and not rope you into paying for things you do not want or need. A programmed list of the best songs stored on an iPod will never replace a DJ who is skilled at reading the crowd.

It is important that you confirm the details well in advance with all of your vendors including your DJ. The more communication that occurs ahead of time the better.

DJ wedding tips. To have a great party allow DJ to read the crowd.

If you have hired a quality DJ you need to trust them. Providing a huge list of must play songs ties the DJ’s hands and prevents them from doing what they do best – getting the crowd excited, up and moving. DJs certainly appreciate guidance but if you really want to have a great party allow them to read the crowd. Let them play requests and make sure your guests are having a great time!

DJ wedding tips. Companies that focus on weddings understand it is only about your wedding. They enjoy making the party happen. Not being the party!

DJ wedding tips. Your DJ should be willing to accommodate your budget and not rope you into paying for things you do not want or need.

You set the tone of your event so it is important that you don’t feel stressed because of logistical details. If you are on the dance floor enjoying yourself the guests will be as well.

At the end of the day you want to make sure that you are completely confident with the DJ or company you have hired. Check out the DJ wedding tips before you start shopping. And consider them part of your dream team as they are responsible for turning your Wedding dream into a reality.

DJ Wedding Tips courtesy Tim MacMillan.

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