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Destination Weddings Napa Valley Vintage Estate

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The Destination Weddings Napa Valley look, style, and classic dual garden design location. 
Destination Weddings Napa Valley Vintage Estate.
The destination weddings Napa Valley Pavilion’s dual garden features a central flowing watercourse.  And you will see the evergreen elms and flowering magnolia trees along its sides.

If you are looking for a spacious outdoor wedding where it is warm.  The Pavilion At The Vintage Estate is one destination to take a look at.  Their event planner, chef, and staff are experts in helping couples plan one of their most important days of their lives.

The multi-million dollar facility is known for its one-of-a-kind on-site catering events.  So during the year, the bookings at the estate are for wine dinners and social events.

You will see the classic California style dual gardens that offers distinctively beautiful settings.  And this area is perfect for your photographer and guests to take your wedding day photographs.

Depending on the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding.  The West Garden bridal path and wedding arbor can host over 500 guests for the ceremony.  And up to 700 guests for your reception.  By itself, the West Garden can host 400 guests for a formal plate lunch and dinner.

Destination Weddings Napa Valley Vintage Estate.

The Vintage Estate wedding tent setting.

The East Garden is perfect for intimate functions.  It can accommodate over 300 guests for the wedding ceremonies. And over 400 guests for the receptions. And the East Garden can serve 200 guests for a plate lunch or dinner.

Destination Weddings Napa Valley Vintage Estate where weddings are special days.

Destination Weddings Napa Valley Vintage Estate.

The Vintage’s emphasis is on private dining and their seasonal menu approach. The executive chef and his team focus on crafting original menus. They have a garden-to-table philosophy, and their dining experiences are creations for each wedding. As the culinary team draws from the freshest local ingredients in the region.

The Pavilion is adjacent to the award-winning Vintage Inn in Yountville, Ca. Visit

The Pavilion’s sister hotel, the Villagio Inn & Spa ( is also on the same grounds. It is a stylish version of a Tuscan village with shopping galleries that are in a former 139-year-old Groezinger Winery building.

For marriage license information, please visit the County of Napa Clerk/Recorders Office For sightseeing experiences visit

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