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Destination Wedding Planning and Choosing Tips

The idea of destination wedding planning is to relieve some of the stress.

Destination Wedding Planning maybe in Venice.</br> Photo by Tomas Ramos.

Destination Wedding Planning and maybe choosing Venice.

Destination wedding planning includes researching the many facilities that cater to destination weddings. Several of which have chapels and beaches that you can choose from.

Venues include hotels, resorts and lodges. Estates, inns and castles. Casinos, private restaurant rooms and service clubs. Cruises and yachts. Gardens and natural settings. Entertainment facilities and so forth.

They offer packages that include everything you might need for your destination wedding planning. It is a good idea to arrive two to three days before your wedding to make sure everything is in order.

Some venues offer marriage ceremony services at little or no charge.

Many brides-to-be buy their dress where they live. They take time selecting the right one that will travel to the destination the best.

The groom takes the rings with him. Or he buys them when they arrive at the destination.

He can rent a tux at most location venues.

Destination Wedding Planning and how to choose the right place.

You may want to book at a place you both already know. Or a new place where neither of you have been.

Explore the internet to narrow your choices down. Then work on your questions and budget to eliminate destinations until you get to the top three.

Most wedding locations have consultants who specialize in producing wedding functions on the premises.

When shopping for a location ask to see a copy listing the consultant’s experience.

You do not want someone who just started in the business. Or just moved to that destination handling your wedding requirements.

Check out the websites the consultant is suggesting for your destination wedding planning.

It is the same follow-up you would do if you were planning your wedding at home.

Destination Wedding Planning and Choosing Tips.

DIY Destination Wedding Planning.

If you want to plan your own destination wedding arrive days in advance. With the Internet you can order services and products for your event. Just give yourself lots of time for the unknown.

Destination Wedding Planning Packages.
Packages include fees for the officiate and ceremony service. The accommodations and reception. Your honeymoon and miscellaneous items.

Destination Wedding Planning Packages may include.

• A local wedding consultant who lives where your wedding is going to be.
• Chapel, beach or garden.
• An appropriate alternative for the officiant.
• An officiant. If you want a religious ceremony make sure you have received the right forms.
• Music for your ceremony. Vocalist.
• Reception. Food and beverages.
• Floral and decor. Photography and video. Limousine packages.
• Wedding Cake.
• Entertainment for the reception. DJ or live group.
• Tuxedo rentals.
• Beauty and health spa services.
• Ceremony rehearsal.
• Rehearsal dinner.
• Miscellaneous items. Unity candle and favors for guests. Guest book. Matchbooks. Personalized napkins.

• Brides usually take care of their own invitations. And send them out from home.
• Some couples wait until they return home. Then send announcements of their wedding having taken place. With an invitation to join them in a celebration of some kind.

Questions to Ask for Destination Wedding Planning.
1. Manager or contact person.
2. Dates and times available.
3. Length of time allowed.
4. Number of guests. Minimum and maximum.
5. Special Packages and what they include.
6. Restrictions for food and beverages. Music and dancing.
7. Fees and services for food and beverages. Band and parking attendants. Taxes. Hotel room for wedding couple, etc.
8. Special Rates for guest hotel rooms.
9. Add your own questions to this list.

Before you sign an Agreement.

• Check all items on the Agreement. Especially the price and services you have agreed to pay for.
• Don’t assume anything.
• If you did not agree to a cost on the Agreement have it removed before you sign.
• Understand your payment schedule. And its currency in which it should be paid.
• If you are using the wedding consultant at the venue. Have the consultant’s duties that you have agreed to put into your Agreement.
• Timelines that they will be in touch with you. They will know the destination wedding package you have purchased.
• If you are hiring a freelance wedding consultant on-location check for payment of services before you hire.
• Create a folder for your wedding in your computer. Keep hard copies of all your emails. Online agreements. And payment transactions for back-up.

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