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Destination Wedding Dubai for Canadian couple

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Calgary motorcyclists stop for Destination Wedding Dubai.

Destination Wedding Dubai for Canadian couple.

Mike and Ruby in Dubai on their wedding day.

Getting to Dubai was a special side trip for Ruby and Mike.

Destination Wedding Dubai for Canadian couple on the beach.

Ruby and Mike’s wedding day.

Destination Wedding Dubai

In 2006, the Canadian couple from Alberta Canada traveled on their motorcycles to the United Arab Emirates. As well as Oman. Yemen. Egypt. Jordan. Syria. Lebanon. Turkey. Bulgaria. Greece. Albania. Montenegro. Croatia. Slovenia. Serbia. Bosnia. Herzegovina. Romania. Hungary. Austria and Germany!

While stopping in Dubai they were married on February 20, 2006. Where they exchanged titanium engraved wedding rings with Grow old along with me the best is yet to be. Mo Anam Cara.

Ruby had bought her dress in Calgary for $180. She said that she made sure the dress didn’t need a lot of maintenance, and that it could stand the flight.

Destination Wedding Dubai for Canadian couple.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort Dubai.

On her wedding day Ruby ironed her dress at the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort where they were staying. And picked up her flowers at a grocery store for $15 on the way to their ceremony.

Ruby reported that there are amazing places to get married or honeymoon in the Middle East. Her research at the time concluded that only the UAE allowed non-Muslims to marry.

After their wedding the couple left on their honeymoon. They rode on their motorcycles through the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Mostly camping and staying at cheap $12 a night hotels.

Ruby was born in Germany. She immigrated to Alberta with her family when she was 16 years old.

In 1955, Ruby graduated from Red Deer College in Accounting and Financial Management, and got a Mechanical Engineering Diploma in 2000.

How Ruby and Mike met in Canada and their motorcycles.

Her passions were motorcycles and traveling to far away places. After receiving her motorcycle license in 1997 she was hooked.

She met Mike when she was working for an oil and gas engineering company as a project manager.

Mike was born in Welland, Ontario. He and his family moved to Brandon, Manitoba when he was young. From 10 to 16 years old he spent each summer at their family cabin exploring on his dirt bike.

After college he packed up everything that could fit into his 1972 VW minibus and headed to Calgary.

It took Ruby and Mike a few years to get to senior positions. They work as contract consultants and project managers for oil and gas companies.

Their goal was to see the entire world. They made financial sacrifices to sustain their passions motorcycling and traveling without going broke.

They rented out their home for five years. And bought a smaller townhouse with a garage just big enough to store their belongings and motorcycles.

Their two vehicle household changed to one vehicle. They rarely ate out. They worked and saved for six-to-twelve months. Then they were back on the road for six-to twelve-months.

How Ruby and Mike planned their Destination Wedding Dubai.

Ruby said that it is not an easy task to arrange your wedding in a foreign country.

Their research on the internet three months before their wedding date led them to the Confetti wedding organizers.

The organizers were very professional. Ruby and Mike were looking for the cheapest and simplest wedding possible. No such thing in Destination Wedding Dubai.

Legalities for Destination Wedding Dubai.

Couples can only be married by a Minister in the United Arab Emirates.

The wedding organizer arranged their ceremony at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel. The minister was Pastor Daniel Splett from the Church of Dubai the Evangelical Church. As it happen, Pastor Splett was originally from Calgary and living in Dubai.

Destination Wedding Dubai document requirements.

• Participate in a Marriage Preparation Program. A copy of the certificate has to be provided. Ruby and Mike chose the Life & Family Resource Centre in Calgary. A two day course taught by the Catholic Church.
• Proof that you are free to marry. If divorced bring a Certificate of Divorce.
• Statement of Legal Eligibility for Marriage. Confetti Abroad set up an appointment with a solicitor the day before their wedding to sign their Affidavit.
• Information Form for Completion of the Certificate of Marriage.

After the ceremony the Certificate of Marriage is translated into Arabic, for a record in the Dubai Courts.

Passports are required for the registration of marriages. It took eight days before Ruby and Mike got their passports back. The promised three day turn-around did not occur. During the eight days the marriage certificate was stamped by the Notary of Public, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Canadian Consulate. Their delay was actually caused by the Canadian Consulate.

Destination Wedding Dubai costs at time of wedding in CDN funds.

1. Full payment wired to Confetti Abroad prior to arrival $2,689.83.
2. Translation and Recording of the Marriage Certificate. Dubai Courts fees and stamps $600.
3. Pastor fee to conduct blessing ceremony $300.
4. Photographs 60-72 high-resolution digital format. Taken during church Ceremony and at the hotel. Editing and re-touching. One Sepia. One Black & White special effect $800.
5. Wedding Coordinator $1,000.
6. Meals Le Royal Meridien Hotel $287.
7. Affidavit $33.
8. Marriage Preparation Program $120.

Destination Wedding Dubai for Canadian couple.

Ruby and Mike rode their motorcycles to Dubai.

THE NEWLYWEDS on the road.
Mike’s bike is a 2005 BMWR1200GS that he bought new in July 2004.

Ruby’s bike is a 2004 BMWR1200GS that she bought new in June 2004.

Editor’s Note. Weddings & Honeymoons congratulates Mike and Ruby on their wedding. As well as a special thanks to the Financial Post Business whose editor put us in touch with the couple. In a Financial Post May 2007 article author Kerry Banks wrote that the Canadian couple were married in Dubai.

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