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Destination Engagement Romantic Proposal ideas

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Destination Engagement ideas with all the bells & whistles.

Destination Engagement Romantic Proposal ideas.

Chicago native Marcus Grimaldi chose Newport Beach, CA
as his destination engagement place to propose.

If you are not sure how or where to propose and need some tips. Here are eight ways to plan a destination engagement romantic getaway.

Above the Rest.
Engagement stories are repeated not only after the engagement, but for the couple’s entire life. Consider popping the question aboard a helicopter above a beach. You can soar above the sea while she is swept away by the scenery and romance.

“You are only limited by your imagination as to how you can propose,” says Patti Taylor with OC Helicopters, “we have had carving in the sand, signs, sand castles and glow sticks saying ” I love you” or “Will you Marry Me?”

On the Sand, Simplistic and Sweet.
Nothing is more romantic than a proposal on the sand. Go for a stroll along a pristine beach. Or consider a picnic on a beach blanket. You can not go wrong with a sweet and simple seaside proposal. Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the entire proposal.

Chicago native Marcus Grimaldi pictured above, chose Newport Beach as the location to propose to his fiancé Brianna Saucedo. “The Newport Beaches are unparalleled to any other in all of Southern California,” Grimaldi says, “I thought the gorgeous scenery would complement my fiancé’s beauty perfectly.”

Destination Engagement locations can be right around the corner!

Bond on a Boat.
Imagine having a night where an entire vessel experience is dedicated to the two of you. With dinner and drinks all under the moonlight. And at the right time, you pop the question under the stars!

There is nothing more romantic than being on the water in a private gondola. For the gentleman who is proposing, it is a perfect atmosphere. Water lapping against the boat, romantic music, sparkling beverage and a captive audience.

It is the ultimate romantic setting to present her with a beautiful ring. And she steps off the gondola with the best proposal story of all of her friends.

Top it off with photos for an destination engagement slideshow. Especially when a bottle mysteriously floats up next to her in the water. The bottle is containing an old-fashioned scroll with a proposal inside. It is the icing on the cake courtesy Gondola Adventures.

Destination Engagement Proposals are romantic adventures.

Public Notice.
Everyone loves a public round of applause. We’ve seen it in movies where a couple are at a restaurant, guy proposed to girl, girl screams yes and the whole restaurant breaks out in a roar of clapping and cheering!

Reinvent it. Find a fantastic restaurant for this special occasion. Options range from award-winning fine dining restaurants to places you discover on a destination engagement.

Make a Nest, She will Say ‘Yes’.
Make the proposal extra special. Book a room or a suite in a hotel for a weekend or longer. Create an over-the-top experience for your bride-to-be. Think Champagne, desserts, flowers, candles, the works! And the perfect proposal for your destination engagement.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious resort or boutique hotel. Something more rustic like campgrounds and cozy bungalows. Or a harbor front vacation rental home –the choice is yours!

Nature and Nurture.
If any lovebirds are nature enthusiasts, consider a daytime adventure for a destination engagement.

There are countless activities from hiking and biking to paddling and parasailing! Best of all, most of those activities are built for two! Tandem bikes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and more!

Newport Beach is a naturalist’s playground. There’s the Back Bay where you can enjoy miles of biking and walking/running around the serene seabird and wildlife sanctuary. Or for more of a challenge, Crystal Cove State Park, here you will discover California’s native landscape through several trails with an ocean view.

Destination Engagement locations can be an experience of  joy.

Top Down, PCH Proposals.
You can drive to a scenic location to say those four magical words. Rev it up a notch and rent or buy a luxury vehicle. Look for a BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Tesla or Mercedes rental. Or shop European and American vintage and collectible locations.

The Charlotte and Trey.
Every girl knows the famous Sex and the City scene when Trey gets down on one knee outside of Tiffany & Co. to propose to Charlotte. Why not bring that scene to real life? Propose on a casual shopping trip, when she least expects it. Then go to the store and have her pick out her ring over a glass of champagne!

Destination Engagement Romantic Proposal traditional rings.

Traditional Jewelers designer engagement rings.

Newport Beach offers a roster of jewelry stores. Check out Mark Patterson in Corona del Mar who offers hand crafted craftsmanship. For a slice of The Real Housewives of Orange County, go to Newport Jewelers where Gretchen & Slade’s rings were designed. For the ultra-luxe couple, head to Traditional Jewelers at Fashion Island for a collection of designer diamonds. Located on Newport Harbor, Black, Starr and Frost will show you one-of-a-kind estate jewelry or new unique engagement rings.

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