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Dessert Restaurant first in London

March 24, 2016 6:21 pmViews: 160

The Café dessert restaurant tasting menus have themes you will love.

Dessert Restaurant first in London delicious menus.

The 3-course Tasting Menu at the dessert restaurant has fun ideas to choice from.

London – Café Royal, the luxury five-star hotel built around London’s iconic Belle Epoque Grill Room, has the city’s first dessert restaurant at The Café on Regent Street.

Wait until you see what The Café features. The dessert tasting menus are designs by Executive Pastry Chef, Sarah Barber. And as a result, they offer unique journeys of sweet plates highlighting her contemporary, playful style.

The dessert tasting menus are available from 6pm to 10:30pm nightly in addition to the wine pairings. The playful theme menu offers especially relevant names.
1. Sarah in Wonderland is a five-course tasting menu.
◦ Milky Way with goat cheese, wild honey, and beetroot snow.
◦ Chicken Foie with quince and brioche.
◦ Queen of Hearts. Raspberries, Champagne, and roses.
◦ Mad Hatter. BFG, kirsch, and cherries.
◦ Eat Me, Drink Me. Snickers, and a chocolate malt shake.

2. Childhood Memories is a three-course tasting menu. It includes another take on Sarah’s nostalgic favorites.
◦ Rhubarb & Custard.
◦ Jaffa Cakes.

3. Pick ‘n Mix is a four-course customized menu. Therefore, the guest gets to pick their choices off the menu.
◦ White Rabbit with Acapella cheese, artichokes and black truffle.
◦ Salmon Tart with silky avocado.
◦ Jaffa Cake.
◦ Eat Me, Drink Me.
◦ Queen of Hearts.

  • Dessert Restaurant The Cafe tasting menu 3.
    The Queen of Hearts in the tasting menu No. 3.

Enjoy a selection of the dessert tasting menu items, pictured above, with optional wine pairings.

Wine is available to accompany each menu, with diverse and inspired choices. Sparkling Prosecco di Valdobbiadene with the Milky Way. Henriques y Henriques Madeira with the Jaffa Cake. And classic dessert wines such as Château Roumieu, Sauternes with the Eat Me, Drink Me.

In addition to the evening dessert menus they run alongside the launch of Chef Barber’s daytime menus. These Menus include breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon teas, hot drinks and wines available from 8am to 6pm daily.

Furthermore, the Pâtisserie offer petits gateaux, such as Pistachio & apricot mille-feuille. Also, Strawberry lemon candy cane, Raspberry Rose Sphere. And most noteworthy, large entremets such as Strawberry crispy mousse with an almond sponge and lemon curd. And Black Forest gâteau with chocolate mushrooms.

The dessert tasting menus are priced from approximately $36USD per person. For more information, please visit

Dessert Restaurant first in London at the Cafe Royal Hotel.

The Hotel Café Royal in London.

If you have never been to the Hotel Café Royal, it is a history lesson. The hotel was the haunt of famed patrons. From royalty and celebrity to the creative and notorious. The hotel has been a landmark in London’s social scene for over a century. As a result, its recent reincarnation as a luxury hotel remains an established favorite. The hotel is a member of The Set Hotels, a collection created to redefine the concept of luxury travel.

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