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Cruise Wedding include Honeymoon Destinations

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From the Caribbean to Europe your cruise wedding will include your honeymoon and more tips.

Cruise Wedding includes a Honeymoon Romantic Destination.

A Cruise wedding includes your honeymoon.

A cruise wedding includes all the amenities the ship and crew has to offer.

A cruise is one of the more value-focused vacations you can take. One price includes accommodations, food and entertainment.

If you want a cruise wedding it is important to enlist a travel agent. 
Each cruise line offers their own on-board packages with option add-ons.

Cruise lines provide wedding coordinator services. This helps you arrange details from the music to the wedding cake. Food can range from light refreshments to a multi-course sit-down dinners. If wedding guests are joining you on the cruise, the coordinator will assist with this too.

Since the wedding coordinator works for the cruise line, they want events to go off without a hitch. A travel agent can help guide you in a more impartial fashion. They can steer you away from unnecessary expenses.

Cruise Weddings include Honeymoon Romantic Destinations

A cruise-specialty agent who has organized weddings at sea can help you determine what you need. They will arm you with information so that you do not spend more money than you planned.

Princess Cruises launched the industry’s first ocean-going wedding chapel. In the late 1990s they introduced the industry’s first policy that allowed their captains to conduct weddings while in international waters.

Celebrity Cruises is another cruise line that offers this service.

At Disney Cruise Line a senior officer of the ship conducts the ceremony. Because they are not permitted to conduct legal proceedings, legal wedding ceremonies are conducted in port on the day of embarkation. A special personalized ceremony is then held later during the cruise. 

In most cases, the cruise lines will arrange for a non-denominational minister or other qualified official to conduct the ceremony. If you have a special relationship with your own religious official you may want them to conduct the ceremony. It will be an extra expense to provide their transportation and costs.
Cruise Weddings include Honeymoon Romantic Destinations, Cruise Holidays

Your Cruise Wedding includes a Honeymoon that helps on budget costs.

If your wedding is conducted on the ship prior to departure the bride and groom must be paying passengers. Wedding guests, not on the voyage, are usually allowed to come on-board for a few hours before the ship departures.

If you would rather wed shore side. Once the cruise is in progress nearly all lines offer weddings in some of the world’s most unique locations. In most cases if the port is on the itinerary, a shore side wedding can be arranged.
• Disney offers ceremonies on their own private island Castaway Cay.
• Royal Caribbean and their Explorer Weddings provides places such as a European castle, a rainforest or on FlowRider their on-board surf simulator.
• Exchange vows can take place on an uninhabited South Pacific island with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Be sure to check with the cruise line and other authorities about any necessary paperwork. This includes the wedding license before you depart for your cruise.
Cruise Weddings include Honeymoon Romantic Destinations, Cruise Holidays

Cruise Wedding on ships or shore side include your Honeymoon on-board.

Another benefit of a cruise wedding is that they blend into a honeymoon. The combination of one package provides you with a smooth transition.

Depending on the cruise line, honeymoon packages include a combination of romantic touches. Breakfast in bed. A bottle of champagne. Gourmet chocolates. A dinner for two. A personalized memento. You will be sailing to interesting ports of call. And you will be enjoying the amenities of the ship every evening including dining and entertainment.

Many cruise lines offer vow renewal ceremonies as well. They can include music or other creative touches. While not legal ceremonies they mark one of the most important milestones in your life.

Work with a cruise travel expert to ensure your ceremony and honeymoon are suited to your taste and budget. Tips courtesy Cruise Holidays.

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