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Chocolate Valentine signature truffles

February 4, 2017 6:57 pmViews: 185

Chocolate Valentine truffles a sweet surrender.

Chocolate Valentine signature truffles and heart.

Chocolate Valentine Heart in Thomas Haas 2016 collection.

Just love the handcrafted chocolate Valentine creations that could be ideas for weddings.

Chocolate handcrafted signature collections can easily be the sweetest thing you can have on your wedding menu.

It is a good idea to check out chocolate Valentine ideas and specialty items you may want to consider for wedding favors. Or to place on your dessert sweet table. Truffles and handcrafted signature chocolates also make delicious gifts for your wedding guests.

Cupid takes flight this Valentine’s Day with the help of the team of chocolatiers at Thomas Haas Chocolates & Pâtisserie in Vancouver. Check out their latest collection of signature handcrafted creations.

Thomas Haas is showing the newest flavors of his popular Valentine’s Truffle Hearts. This collection features dark chocolate ganache infused with raspberry and lychee. Milk chocolate with lemon hazelnut praline. And white chocolate with lemon thyme ganache ($4CDN for two pieces). How good is that!

Chocolate Valentine signature truffles.

Chocolate Valentine Truffles.

Some more Chocolate Valentine creations.

• Love Birds. Two whimsical handcrafted pair of ornately decorated love birds. That come with a selection of chocolates and truffles ($55CDN).
• Chocolate Heart. The Valentine heart is hand-painted, airbrushed and its decoration is with 23-karat gold leaf. And it contains an assortment of chocolates and truffles. ($19.90CDN for small. $25CDN for large).
• Valentine Jewellery Box. This chocolate box  has truffle hearts. The assortment includes dark, milk or white gourmet chocolate truffle hearts ($39CDN). Sounds great!
• Valentine Flowerpot. You can combine two gifts in one by giving chocolates and flowers. This edible chocolate flowerpot decoration a selection of chocolates and truffles ($45CDN).

There are lots of ideas for Valentine’s Day-themed treats. Chocolate Lollipops that are adorned with hand-painted chocolate heart décor. And available in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. Heart-shaped assorted Truffles wrapped in a clear bag with a red satin ribbon. A Valentine’s Truffle Box in a clear box finished with a red satin ribbon. And a Chocolate and Cookie Box containing chocolate truffle hearts and heart cookies in a clear box tied with a red satin ribbon.

Check out the chocolate creations on the Thomas Haas website to get some ideas for your wedding signature chocolates. Always a treat to get and to give.

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