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Chef Roble fragrance Cliquebyroble dessert recipe

March 22, 2014 1:32 pmViews: 243

Chef Roble Ali star of Chef Roblé & Co taking his kitchen talents and making perfume! 
Chef Roble launches Clique fragrance recipe, Sept 2013

Cliquebyroble fragrance dessert recipe by Chef Roble.

Get a Whiff of this from the chef’s perfume kitchen!

The chef’s new fragrance concept in Spring 2014 was a fun event.   Roblé said at the event that his fragrance recipe is inspired by his favorite dishes.  The fragrance notes include white chocolate, honey and cinnamon. Sounds good to me!

Evidently Roblé has a clear idea of his creations.  He said it is something so irresistible that women will crave it.  And they will make it their favorite fragrance.  The idea of exploring the synergy between capturing the aroma of his favorite dishes to create the first Fragrance Recipe is intriguing.

Chef Roble fragrance Cliquebyroble dessert recipe.

Dessert recipe Cliquebyroble by Chef Roble.

Chef Roble fragrance Cliquebyroble dessert recipe.

The custom designed bottle is inspired by the chef’s love of bringing people together.  It is the sense of smell appetizer for any event. Sleek clean lines of the bottle lift to the transparent cap. Where it is wrapped in just the right amount of golden bling.

The initial line consists of a 50 ml/1.7 Fl Ozs Eau de Toilette (EDT) spray. Followed by two body care products, a Shower Gelee and a Body Butter.

The popular chef has done culinary services for President Obama. As well as several celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and Michael Jackson. Raised in Texas, the chef received his training working in professional kitchens. He enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY before moving to Brooklyn to work for top restaurants in NYC.

So stay tuned to get a whiff! Visit

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