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Chef Keith Froggett Roasted Sea Scallops recipe

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 Chef Keith Froggett of Scaramouche restaurant recipe for celebrations.

Chef Keith Froggett Roasted Sea Scallops recipe.

  Roasted Sea Scallops recipe by Chef Keith Froggett. 

  TORONTO – Executive Chef Keith Froggett delightful Roasted Sea Scallops recipe is easy to make.  And it is a perfect dish to serve at wedding celebrations.

Owner Chef Keith Froggett of Scaramouche Restaurant Toronto Canada.

Chef Keith Froggett.

  London-born Chef Keith Froggett arrived at Scaramouche in 1983.  Over the years he skillfully transformed quality seasonal ingredients into sophisticated dishes.  And they are as fresh and innovative as the day the restaurant opened.

  The restaurant has supported the vibrant culinary scene in Toronto Canada since 1980.  It has trained hundreds of chefs in the making from many colleges and culinary schools.

  Chef Keith Froggett Roasted Sea Scallops recipe.

 W&H Wedding Wines magazine covered the restaurant during their silver anniversary.  The Chef’s personal favorites appeared on the five-course fixed menu.  Roasted quail filled with Quebec foie gras wrapped in paper-thin slices of smoked bacon.  Grilled calamari salad with mint, celery leaves, red chili and black olives.

 Roasted Sea Scallops with spicy preserved lemon, chive and ginger beurre blanc recipe.

2 shallots, finely diced.
50 ml white wine vinegar.
dry white wine 50 ml.
50 ml 35% cream.
250 g unsalted butter chilled and diced.
Fresh red chili pepper finely diced.
Preserved lemon rind finely diced.
One thumb sized piece of fresh ginger peeled finely diced.
Fresh lemon juice.
Freshly sliced chives.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
150 g fresh sea scallops per person at room temperature.

Method for the Chef Keith Froggett recipe.

1. Place the shallots, vinegar and wine into a stainless steel sauce pan.
2. Place over high heat and boil until almost dry.
3. Add the cream, return to a boil and lower heat slightly.
4. Start to whisk in the butter in 5 or 6 piece increments. Letting the sauce boil gently between each addition.
5. Remove from heat and continue whisking for a moment longer.
6. Add the ginger and lemon rind to taste.
7. Correct the seasoning with the salt, black pepper and fresh lemon juice.

Keep sauce in a warm place finishing with the chives and chili pepper just prior to serving.

To Roast the Sea Scallops Pre-heat the oven to 475°.
• Heat a thick bottomed frying plan over high heat. Add a little vegetable oil.
• Season the scallops with salt and pepper.
• Place the scallops into the pan. If cooking a large number of scallops use two pans.
• Put the pan into the oven for about 3 to 5 minutes until the scallops are just beginning to go firm.
• Remove the pan and check the underside of the scallops to make sure that they are golden brown. If not place the pan back over high heat to color the scallops.
• Arrange the scallops onto a serving plate. Golden side up. Pour a little of the sauce over them serving the remaining sauce on the side.


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