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Champagne seafood pairing for Wedding Receptions

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Best bubbly champagne seafood pairing ideas for weddings.

Champagne seafood pairing tips and ideas for your wedding celebrations.

Champagne and seafood pairing tips.

There is more to Champagne that just toasting the bride and groom. Champagne seafood pairing gives you several choices. And it makes fine dining for your guests. Like wine champagnes range from sweet to dry.

When you are pairing your menu with your chef it is good to understand the Champagne labels.

There are four Champagne labels. Demi-sec is the sweetest of champagnes. Dry which is lightly drier than the demi-sec. Extra dry. And Brut which is the driest and most popular.

For guests who are allergic to seafood you will be choosing different Champagne brands to pair with meat or another main selection.

Here is a list of Champagne seafood pairing choices.

• Taittinger Champagne Brut AC. France. Champagne. Lovely crisp aromas of green apples, citrus, and toast. A lasting finish.

Pair with shellfish, seafood, fried foods. Or drinks as an aperitif. 814723 $54.95. Score 91/100.

• Santa Margherita Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Brut Veneto, Italy. A sparkler with nice, light effervescence. Refreshing aromas of limes and green apples present.

Pair with appetizers, pancetta wrapped shrimp, roasted asparagus. 687582 XD 750 mL $18.95. Score 88/100.

• Dante Rivetti Riveto Moscato D’asti D.O.C.G. Italy Piedmont. A lovely, refreshing sweet wine with aromas of melons.

Pair with spicy Asian food, grilled salmon, fresh fruit desserts. 30775 MS 750 mL $17.95. Score 88/100.

Champagne seafood pairing and Favorite Sparkling Wine.

• S. Anderson Blanc De Noirs 2000. Napa Valley, California. Cliff Lede Vineyards. Well made bubbly with toasty goodness. Great price. 006056 D. 750 mL $36.95. Score 90/100.

• Louis Roederer Brut Premier Non-Vintage Champagne 268771 $59.95. France. One of the best non-vintage champagnes on the shelf.

This top-notch producer owns more than two-thirds of its vineyards. Which helps with quality control. Toasty aromas of ripe peaches and yeasty richness. Score 90/100.

• Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut 2001. Marlborough, South Island. Great value. Very dry and toasty. 338459 (D) 750 mL $32.95. Score 89/100.

• Ca’Bianca Moscato D’Asti 2005 D.O.C.G. The kind of wine you drink and then ask yourself why you don’t drink it more often.

Possibly the world’s most under-appreciated wine lightly sparkling and fruit fresh. Perfect as an aperitif, after-dinner sipper or with fruit flans. 651935 M = medium dry. 750 mL $14.95. Score 90/100.
Champagne seafood pairing for Wedding Celebrations.

• 2002 Sumac Ridge Steller’s Jay Brut, Okanagan B.C. $24.99. A full-bodied and robust sparkler with lovely aromas of green apples and toast.

Made using the classic champagne method with a blend of pinot blanc, pinot noir and chardonnay. Aged three years. Perfect for oysters and other shellfish. Score 88/100.

• Roederer Estate N.V. $34 California. A sparkler that has loads of fruit and body. This is the one I recommend when someone asks what is your favorite reasonably priced Bubbly available in stores? Score 89/100.

• Veuve Clicquot N.V. 563338 $61.05 Champagne. Pear and hazelnut aromas with a long finish. When you are willing to pay a little more this is the one I recommend. More toasty less fruity than the Roederer. Elegant. Score 90/100.

• Summerhill Pyramid Winery Cipes Brut Okanagan, British Columbia 314419 $19.95. Hands-down the best Canadian sparkling wine I have ever tasted.

And lest that qualification seem too reserved. Let me say that this is a marvelous, robust and rich bubbly that holds its own next to the famous non-vintage sparklers from around the world. Toasty goodness. A strong backbone and green apple zip. Score 90/100.

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