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Canadian Eco Friendly Weddings and Romantic Getaways

July 1, 2015 1:33 pmViews: 214

Canadian eco friendly weddings and getaways are on the rise.

Canadian Eco Friendly Weddings and romantic getaways

Canadian eco friendly weddings at Wickaninnish Inn that is in Tofino, BC.

If you are looking for a Canadian eco friendly location you are in good company. Research shows that one in two couples will vacation at a destination based on its environmental impact. And that more travelers aspire to reduce their environmental impact while still indulging in comfort.

If you are planning a Green Wedding you may want to check out Canadian eco friendly hotels as well.

As Canada reaffirms its commitment to the environment by ending fossil fuel use by the close of the century. A recent study found 1 in 2 Canadians report they are likely to choose a destination based on its social or environmental impact. 

This figure represents double the actual trips taken last year. When 24% of Canadian travelers took a traditional sustainable trip. Sustainable is defined as an eco tour. And  volunteering or a camping trip. Also a farm stay or a trip to learn about new cultures.

This rise in sustainable travel is a trend seen around globe. According to the survey of 32,000 travelers in 16 countries. The study found the majority of global travelers influence is by their intention to reduce their environmental impact. And to ensure that their tourism has a positive impact on the local community.

Canadian eco friendly and sustainable travel.

• Brazilian respondents were the most interested in sustainable travel. With 74% reporting they would likely base a decision on these concerns.
• At the other end of the spectrum, 36% of Danish respondents, and 39% of Dutch respondents said their influence is by their potential social or environmental impact.
• In the top 10 along with Canadians, are the Australians at 59%, and the Americans at 53%.

Modern Eco Warriors expect accommodations that pamper both them and the environment.

 While expressing the desire to travel more sustainable, survey respondents did not want to forgo luxury. Travelers were 50% more likely to intend to book more luxury accommodations. And three times as likely to plan to stay in more green accommodations.

Sustainable travel is more than just going green. It is about helping to support and retain local cultures, economies and environments. Guests may not realize that as they sleep on organic cotton sheets. Wash with water heated by the energy generator from the hotel itself. Or that when eating a meal made from ingredients that are within 30 kilometers of their accommodation. If so, you are a sustainable traveler supporting local business.

Top 5 most luxurious Canadian eco friendly accommodations.

The Trout Point Lodge that is in East Kempville, Nova Scotia.

Canadian Eco Friendly Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia.

Canadian eco friendly Trout Point Lodge that is in Nova Scotia.

“We have completely embraced eco principles in all aspects of our resort, and we’ve never been busier,” says Vaughan Perret Managing Director of Trout Point Lodge. “Couples look for places that will remain meaningful to them long after they have gone home. And becoming one with nature makes that possible,” adds Perret.

Around The Sea that is in North Rustico, Prince Edward Island.

Canadian Eco Friendly Weddings at Around the Sea in PEI.

Canadian eco friendly Around the Sea Hotel that is in PEI.

Goldenwood Lodge that is in Golden, British Columbia.

Canadian Eco Friendly Weddings at Goldenwood Lodge in BC.

The Canadian eco friendly Goldenwood Lodge that is in BC.

Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, British Columbia

Canadian Eco Friendly romantic getaways at the Wicaninnish Inn in BC..

The bedroom suite in Canadian eco friendly Wickaninnish Inn that is in BC.

And the Hotel-Musee Premieres Nations in Wendake, Quebec

Research Survey by that is available in 42 languages.

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