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Canada Bike Tour visits Quebec culture

You can experience the Quebec French culture on a Canada bike tour.

Canada Bike tour visit the Quebec countryside.

Canada bike tour in the Quebec countryside.

Can’t Get to France This Season? Check out a Canada bike tour for a self-guide vacation.

The Quebec province in Canada offers one of the best organized networks of bicycle pathways and trails anywhere in North America.

While in the early 1600s the French created the fur trade on Canada’s east coast. Subsequent decades of war brought the Brits to power. Today, Francophiles, appreciate that the Province of Quebec retains a French imprimatur as regards to language, food and hospitality.

The tour company that organizes the rides has a special affinity for all things French and bicycles. That is why they began self-guide bicycle tours in France before expanding across the globe. Now an itinerary on this side of the Pond recognizes Quebec’s French heritage. And it allows you to embrace the hospitality of the province at a personal pace – on two wheels.

Pick your Canada bike tour and enjoy the ride!

You will be able to explore seven days and six nights is a countryside called Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean. This region is accessed by riding east out of Montreal to Quebec City along the St. Lawrence River. And then north to Lac St-Jean. It is Quebec’s third largest lake that creates the Saquenay Fjord. One of the world’s longest lakes, that eventually flows into what becomes the Gulf of St Lawrence.

The rides average 50km (31 miles) daily through this historic area that includes world-class bike trails. Route Verte (Green Route) is a network of dedicated bicycle trails on both sides of the Saint Lawrence River leading to Quebec. And the Véloroute des Bleuets (Blueberry) is another dedicated cycling route around Lac Saint-Jean. You can also cycle along Chemin du Roy (King’s Highway) enroute to Old Quebec City.

  • Canada Bike tour ride in the Quebec historical countryside.
    Riders enjoying the historical Quebec province countryside in the Canada bike tour.

A good idea is to arrive in Montreal a day before the tour begins. This way you can walk the cobblestones of Old Montreal.

The network of 350 km, 217.48 miles, of bike trails allows you to admire the beaches, lakes, rivers and traditional Quebecois villages.

Stops along the way are a must for you for tastings at microbreweries and at cheese-makers. And you will see smatterings of culture at historic sites.

This tour is a road cycling trip that can also be accomplished by hybrid bikes.

On your Canada bike tour you can shop and stop at restaurants on the route.

You can enjoy a variety of accommodations. They range from cottages reminiscent of Brittany or Normandy. To dwellings that might once have housed aristocrats. Sometimes guest rooms enjoy views of the lake, and at one lodging breakfast is taken in an art gallery. Along with off-bike access to shops and restaurants along the bicycle route.

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