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Brunch menu ideas wedding celebration

December 19, 2015 3:33 pmViews: 152

Brunch menu ideas that can be made ahead.

Brunch menu ideas for wedding celebrations.

Wedding brunch menu try a chocolate cherry loaf treat.

Hosting a brunch for one of your wedding celebrations is a perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends.

However, brunch served early in the day means that prep time can be at a premium.

The trick is to be well prepared. By planning in advance, you will have more time with your guests without sacrificing a good night’s rest.

Follow these tips for a fantastic brunch:
Keep it simple. Taking multiple orders can be overwhelming and complex. Stick to fan favorites like pancakes or waffles. And have your guests choose their own toppings to personalize their meal. Pair with an impressive array of fresh fruit, chocolate hazelnut spread or unique syrups like bacon flavored maple syrup, for a variety of options.

Make as much ahead as possible. A sure-fire way to catch some extra Zs is by preparing what you can in advance. Cut up some fruit for a salad or bake a batch of muffins the night before to make it less hectic in the morning. Some muffins are great even after being frozen, letting you prepare days in advance.

Don’t forget about the beverages. While you might not feel awake until your first cup of Joe, not everyone is a coffee drinker. Have other options for your guests like tea and juice. Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Mary cocktails are also popular brunch beverage options to consider.

Put down that standard piece of toast and try something like a decadent chocolate cherry loaf with your coffee instead. For a creative twist try it with a classic French toast recipe.

Don’t forgot to try and add something that goes with your wedding theme.

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