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Bridesmaids Gifts wedding personalized thanks

May 23, 2014 9:53 pmViews: 352

A wedding day is not just all about the bride, it also includes the bridesmaids gifts and how you can thank them.

Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized thanks for taking part in your wedding.

Retro Collection one of the ideas for your bridesmaids gifts.

Bridesmaids gifts personalized to those who mean the most to brides.

A bride makes sure that those standing next to her on her big day look stunning as well!

What better way to keep all of your bridesmaids in unison and to thank them.   Then by giving bracelet gifts with a personalized touch.

Persona Jewelry unveiled three collections with an array of colors and countless charms.  Each offers charms with radiant colors for the bold bride and softer pastel colors for brides who are traditional.

Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized Wedding thanks.

Paradise Collection.

The Paradise collection features floral and pastel crystals.  Each charm has an intricate design and is designed to dazzle.  Shown left.

The Retro collection combines patterns and imagery from your past.  Design a bracelet that captures highlights throughout your life.   Shown above above.

Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized Wedding thanks.

Vitral Collection.

The Vitral collection’s inspiration is from  traditional Spanish stained glass.

This collection combines hand-painted enamels, faceted briolette stones and vibrant Italian glass.  It has many blues to choose from making it the perfect for a bride who is seeking something blue.   As shown in the image on the right.

What sets Persona jewelry apart is its option of interchangeable beads and charms.   They can be worn on bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Their jewelry includes beads of sterling silver, Italian glass, Austrian crystal, 18k gold overlay, gemstones and colorful enamel.

Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized Wedding thanks. Bridesmaids Persona Jewelry.These bracelets make perfect gifts for bridesmaids. The line offers cubic zirconia and sterling silver initial charms. Brides can accessorize and personalize each bracelet. For her birthstone, favorite colors and charms that have to do with your friendship.

The person you give one to will know that you took the time to truly make their gift unique!

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Photography by Nicole Gioseffi.
Article updated May 23, 2014.

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