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Brides Wedding Party choosing tips and duties

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A Brides Wedding Party should be chosen very carefully. They are the ones delegated to carry out several tasks for her wedding.

The Brides Wedding Party is very important to her planning and budgeting.

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This is worth repeating.

For her Wedding Party Brides should choose her Maid of Honor very carefully. As she is the person delegated to carry out several tasks for her wedding. If married, she is the Matron of Honor.

The honor usually goes to a sister or best friend.
For her wedding party brides shouldn’t choose someone who doesn’t live close by. Unless the wedding is small and the bride can handle everything herself.

Brides Wedding Party choosing your Maid of Honors.

The Maid of Honor Duties.
The Maid of Honor should assist the Bride in preparing the on-going lists to carry out her wedding. And she should establish the responsibilities with her. She should also decide what items she wants to delegate and to whom in writing.

• Be prepared to go with the Bride and/or Groom when she/they are shopping for items for their wedding. Such as the ceremony location and reception venue. Bridal shows. And to be on-call for all the other products and services they will require.

• Attend the Engagement Party if there is one.

• Go shopping with the Bride to choose her dress or gown. Assists her in establishing the look and style of her dress. Keeping in mind how it will also effect the Attendants’ selection.

• Go shopping with the Attendants (Bridesmaids) for their dress, gown and shoes. If the garments are to be made assist in co-ordinating the items. Help with the style, fabric, color and trim for the dressmaker.

Brides Wedding Party helps with their invitations.

• Assist the Bride in preparing the invitation list. When the invitations are ready request the Attendants to join you for stuffing, stamping and mailing them out. If they are being sent online assist in the sending.

• Host or assist in planning a shower for the Bride. Keep a record of all the gifts she receives.

Delegate an Attendant to start to make a ribbon bouquet from the gift packages she receives. If a flower girl attends she can collect the ribbons.

The Bride can toss the ribbon bouquet at the Bridal Luncheon or rehearsal.

• Assist the Bride in preparing a shot list for the photographer and videographer.

• Attend the Bridal Luncheon, if there is one.

• Attend the rehearsal. And be prepared to assist the officiant who will conduct the rehearsal procedure. The complete wedding party should attend the rehearsal. Take special notice of items he/she says that may concern any member of the wedding party who did not attend. Attend the rehearsal dinner.

Brides Wedding Party Maid of Honor duties on the wedding day.

On the Wedding Day.

• Hours before the wedding be prepared to go to a makeup and/or hair salon. Or to the Bride’s house. Or to do your own makeup and hair.

• Help the Bride dress. If required, help with her makeup and hair. If the photographer and/or videographer services start at the Bride’s home assist in coordinating the requirements from the shooting list.

• Keep check lists. One for the bride. Another for the bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer.

• Prepare or check a small purse for the Bride’s essentials. Such as lipstick, comb, stockings, tissues, tissues and tissues.

• Ride to the ceremony location with the Attendants.

Brides Wedding Party groomsmen tips and duties.

The Processional.

• Before the Processional starts distribute the corsages. And the boutonnieres for the Groom and his groomsmen. Assist in putting them on.

• Assist in coordinating the wedding party brides Attendants.

• In a traditional Christian service you will walk in front of the Bride and her father. If a Ring Bearer and Flower Girl are in the wedding party you will be in front of them.

• In a Jewish Processional you will walk in front of the Bride and her parents.

The Ceremony.

• During the Ceremony hold the Bride’s bouquet and groom’s ring for the bride. Assist her with her attire when she requires it.

• Witness and sign the marriage certificate.

• Pose with the wedding party for photographs.

The Reception.

• Participate in the Receiving Line if there is one.

• Dance with the father of the Bride. Father of the Groom. Best Man. Groomsmen. And selected wedding guests.

• Assist the Bride when the newlyweds are leaving the reception.

• Remember to have a good time. Always have tissues in your purse. And cry if you want to.

Brides Wedding Party bridesmaid dresses.

Attire for The Maid of Honour.

The Maid of Honor’s outfit should compliment the Bride’s choice of her dress or gown.

It is similar in style and usually a different shade from the Attendants.

If the Bride is ordering her grown from a bridal salon often the designer will offer discounts on dressing the wedding party.

Gown or Dress.

The fashion etiquette for today’s Maid of Honor is simple. You can wear anything you want but don’t upstage the Bride!

You’ll probably want to wear the dress again sometime so buy something that you like.

• If it is a formal wedding you may choose a long or three-quarter length gown with matching shoes and gloves. 

• If it’s a semi-formal or informal all lengths of gowns, cocktail dresses or evening suits are appropriate.

• Wear comfortable shoes that you have broken in before the wedding. You might want to bring a low pair for the reception.


The Maid of Honor and the Bride choose the flowers. The colors and types of flowers should blend in with the overall color theme of the wedding. And they can be more colorful than the Brides.

The bouquet is not as large as the Bride’s. But it is different from the Attendants. It can be made of real flowers or silk.

As an alternative the Bride may choose to put flowers in her hair and carry a small prayer book in her hands.

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