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Brides Planning Guide and Countdown Calendar

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Brides planning from the engagement to the honeymoon.

Brides Planning Guide and Countdown Calendar to help you every step to your wedding.

Brides Planning Countdown to Your Wedding.
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The longer you have to work on your wedding plans the better the event will turn out

Use a Brides Planning Guide Calendar to help you complete your preliminary budget and set your time lines to correspond with each item.

There are some initial elements you need to establish so that you can go to the next level of planning.

Remember to delegate items to those friends you know who are able to carry them out.

Several of these items should be transferred to your budget and planning pages.

Brides Planning: First things first.

A year or so before the wedding the brides planning starts.

1. Becoming engaged and both of you deciding that you want to get married.

2. Meeting with the parents of the groom.

3. Making an appointment with the clergyman, rabbi or officiant. Ask for their guidelines regarding what you can do. And can not do and the services they provide.

Check their entrance for wheelchair accessibility, washrooms and the private area for your wedding party before the ceremony.

If you are planning on a printed program for your guests ask to see samples other brides have used. Ask about any restrictions on photography and videography during the ceremony.

4. Confirm the date, time and place of your wedding. And set the date of your rehearsal.

Depending on how far in advance you have set your wedding date if it is less than one year, and you are planning a reception at a banquet venue, be sure to have alternative dates in mind for your ceremony. Until your booking has been confirmed and usually a deposit made.

5. Once you know your officiant and you have made a commitment to be married you will be placing yourself on a timetable to plan your wedding day.

6. If you wish, make an engagement announcement in the newspaper or online.

7. Discuss with your fiancé and parents the possible locations where you’d like to hold the reception. It could be a banquet hall, club, hotel restaurant or a place where you may need to cater yourself. Such as your or a friend’s home, a museum or some other unique location.

Brides Planning Tip:  If you are looking for a location outdoors have a backup plan in case it rains. The backup venue could be in a tent or a location close to the outdoor site. Check air-conditioning if it is being held in warm weather.

It is important that the place you choose has wheelchair accessibility for the handicapped or elderly guests.

8. Select the members of your wedding party.

If you are asking someone from out-of-town arrange accommodations in your or a friend’s home.

Transportation should be discussed at the time you issue the invitation so that it is clear who is going to pay for what.

9. Decide on the type of wedding you want. Whether you are getting married for the first time or not. If it is an interfaith or interracial marriage. If you want to have a traditional, contemporary, alternative, theme, special event or Destination Weddings.

10. Prepare your guest list.

If you are inviting people from out-of-town and know they will be staying in a hotel or motel make an arrangement with the hotels’ sales departments to send out information packages that include room rates, city maps, transportation schedules, sight-seeing brochures and restaurants.

11. Shop and select your dress. Usually the headpiece and veil are provided at no cost unless you want something custom-made.

12. Decide on your color scheme.

13. Shop and select the Mother of the Bride’s dress.

14. Advise the Groom’s Mother so that she can select her dress, usually of another color.

15. Assist in selecting dresses for the Maid of Honor and Attendants.

They are paying for their own outfits. Therefore let them have more than one choice of styles.

16. Establish who is going to host the rehearsal dinner or get-together following the rehearsal.

TIP for Brides Planning: Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the Groom’s parents.

Start to develop your invitation list to the dinner to include both parents, members of the wedding party, their spouses, significant others or friends and out-of-town guests.

17. Start attending bridal shows. Check the yellow pages or Internet for different wedding services. Follow up on the suggestions of friends who were well served at their weddings.

18. If you are planning to hire a wedding consultant or event planner start to interview candidates.

19. Start eliminating possible service suppliers on your list so that you are left with only your three top choices.

If you are interested in hiring someone’s services for your wedding ask them to pencil-you in. Then, if they get a booking for the same date they can call you to give you first option. Ask to get that in writing or in an email.

20. Register with bridal gift registries to choose items you would like for your engagement, shower or wedding. Don’t forget the wine.

Let your mother, Maid of Honor or hostess of any of your pre-wedding parties or showers know where you are gift registering.

When you have finalized your honeymoon plans put your destination on your Gift Registry list.

21. You may want to open up a bank account especially for your wedding.

If you do make sure you arrange to have your cheques sent to you with your monthly statement so that you can keep better cash flow control.

22. If you are going to have a wedding website start planning and developing it so that it is up six months before your wedding.

23. Check out wedding insurance policies.

24. If you are working, coordinate your wedding date with your holiday to get more time off.

Brides Planning continued …

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