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Bridal Wellness Yoga from Inside Out avoids Stress

November 6, 2013 5:05 pmViews: 130

Bridal wellness tips to strengthen your immune system when planning your wedding.
Its programming offer several classes. It allows making decisions with a clear mind. And helps with confidence and tranquility.
Bridal Wellness Yoga from the inside out avoids stress during planning your wedding.

Bridal wellness and health are part of wedding planning. And several brides rely on yoga to get into shape. It improves posture for photographs. And can build a foundation to keep calm and connected. 

Its programming offer several classes. It allows making decisions with a clear mind. And helps with confidence and tranquility.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Bridal Wellness Yoga tips will help you get into shape.

Three months to go. Picture Perfect Posture Poses.
It’s best to start with the basics. You can build from there. First sign up for an intro to a yoga series that will teach all the yoga basics. This will quickly prepare you for advanced classes safely.

Knowing the basics allows the most benefits from the posture. Muscles will be worked more effectively. Brides will be able to find a place of calm more easily.

If there are no studios that offer intro classes locally start with level one classes twice a week. Do this for two weeks. Once these fundamentals are learned it will be easier to take progressively harder classes.

Spend the next two weeks in intermediate classes. Bump up frequency to three times a week.

The easiest way is to pick two weeknights or mornings to take classes. Plus one time on the weekends.

Bridal Wellness Yoga from Inside Out avoids Stress.

Two months to go. Calm and Clear Classes.

With the essential postures mastered consider moving into vinyasa flow classes. This will strengthen and tone the body.

These classes move through a series of yoga poses that are connected together with flowing, athletic movements, and breath. All while moving continuously for at least an hour. 

This will help build strength and flexibility. Sweating will help detoxify the body.

Practice should be at least three times a week. For more dramatic results try practicing everyday. The unique aspect of yoga is that it is a workout that does not require a day off to recover.

Bridal Wellness that connects your mind and body.

One week to go. Mind and Body Connection.

Brides should take their favorite vigorous flow class on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday get a massage and take a restorative yoga class. You will be guided into passive positions using bolsters and blankets to hold and soothe the body.

Take Thursday off. 

Your Bridal Wellness is important to avoid stress on your wedding day.

Day before the Wedding. Breath and Balance.

On Friday host a private class at home for the bridal party. This would be a great way to have fun and relax together. You can follow it up with a healthy rehearsal dinner. 

Day of the Wedding. Believe and Achieve.
Before the wedding host a special private class with fiancé to connect together. This helps breathe away any pre-wedding jitters.


W&H | Bridal wellness yoga from the inside out helps to avoid stress.


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