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Bridal Reception Dresses floral theme by Stephan Caras

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From the wedding to your honeymoon, bridal reception dresses that you can take with you.

Bridal Reception Dresses by Stephan Caras.

Bridal Reception Dresses 2016 floral theme by Stephan Caras Toronto.

Canadian father and son design team create a floral theme for their 2016 spring/summer collection.

There are so many floral ideas in the collection that an outfit may work with your wedding theme colors. Either to change into another outfit for your reception or to take on your honeymoon.

If this is your second marriage, some of the floral designs would make lovely wedding dresses.

Watching a runway show is a great way for you to see how an outfit flows. Since all eyes are on the bride it is important that you choose the right style for you. As well as the colors. Give yourself as much time as possible to choose both your outfits and colors. Changing into bridal reception dresses is a new idea. Often brides will wait until after the first dances and cutting of the cake to do it. This way the photographers have images of the bride in her wedding gown for their wedding album.

The Stephan Caras collection was shown on the last evening of the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. The design team Stephan and Kyriako Caras debuted their Spring/Summer 2016 FLORÀL collection on the runway.

Continually inspired by the sensuality and delicacy colors of the blossom, the design vision for the collection is soft and feminine. 

It features delicate French lace, exaggerated slits and bold geometrical beaded accents.

The muted watercolor florals flow across woven jacquard cotton. With luxe lace embroidered accents and strict tailoring to create an emphasis on the female form.

The floral undertones seem to dance across the silk taffeta evening wear and cocktail dresses. Just perfect for resort wear on your honeymoon.

While the Caras signature jersey gowns boast sensuality with plunging necklines. The established designer’s interpretation of the floral line is that it is for the elegant and sensual modern day woman.

Visit StephanCaras.com.

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