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Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories

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Bridal Jewelry rings and pretty things for your wedding accessories.

The Bridal jewelry diamond choker is by Damas Jewellery.

Bridal jewelry picks.

The Ghaf Tree choker necklace has 57.06octs of diamonds, white gold and petrified wood. The choker is by Damas Jewellery.

Bridal jewelry and accessories to match outfits.

Bridal Jewelry rings earrings drop pearls by Serli Siroan.

Pearls by Serli Siroan.

There is always time to accessorize your outfits with bridal jewelry. It is a busy time when you are planning your wedding. So try to get done as soon as you can.

A piece of bridal jewelry is not simply an accessory it is a reflection of you. And little satisfies like being able to make that purchase knowing it is money well spent. Here are some tips for looking sensational.

Bridal Jewelry and accessories ideas for your wedding.

Gold color stone ring by Serli and Siroan Toronto.

Go for Gold.
Metallics are both festive and fashionable. Whether it is a silk blouse worn with trousers or an all-over sequined dress in bronze, silver or gold. Sparkle and shine does not need a lot of accessorizing. It can make an outfit look too busy. Instead wear one fantastic piece such as a gold mesh cuff with diamond closure or an oversize yellow diamond ring. As shown on the right.

Evening attire is all about texture. Silk, satin, velvet, lace and fur make even the simplest silhouette look luxurious. But, be careful not to overdo it with accessories. Wearing a fur cape to keep warm? Use a jeweled brooch to keep it closed or pin the brooch in your hair.

Get Romantic.
For a softer style look for empire waistlines. Also full skirts or anything with ribbons and lace. Concentrate on the earrings. Delicate enamel flowers surround diamonds and other precious gems. Or for something a little more traditional such as the South Sea pearl and Tahitian diamond stiletto earrings. As shown above by Serli Siroan.

The Little Black Dress.
A wardrobe staple. The little black dress is elegant and classic. This is a great dress to go with a large cuff bracelet. If the neckline will allow you can make a statement with a multi-strand diamond necklace. A delicate feminine bow. Or add a splash of color with floating diamonds and floral-pattern jewels. If your dress is red diamonds and pearls are a good choice.

Wear with Everything.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories.The cocktail ring with oversize stones think three carats in any color. Ruby. Amethyst. Emerald or sapphire. They can stand alone or make an even bigger statement when surrounded by diamonds. Pictured right.

Heirloom Pieces nice mix with bridal jewelry.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories.Diamond pendants in yellow or white gold are simple enough to wear every day yet exquisite enough to be family heirlooms. They can be set with any size diamond. Customize a pair of earrings to match like yellow and white diamond studs pictured left. Set in any size diamond in removable jackets that are available in a variety of stones such as pink or blue sapphire. Tips courtesy

More bridal jewelry Love Knot earrings by designer Ian Saude . . .

Love Knot earrings by designer Ian Saude.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories.Seemingly in a continuous loop earrings in white gold and diamonds sparkle like a streak of stars.

The interlocking knot design gives the illusion of having no beginning and no end. Offering a beautiful symbol of the everlasting bond of love. The Love Knot earrings are in shades of mocha and champagne. The 2.08 carats white diamonds are set in 18 karat white gold USD$5,195. Visit

Creating a piece to match your dress.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories. Pearl cluster necklace by Terri Michael.Toronto jewellery designer Terri Michael offers bridal consulting to create a one of a kind piece to match a dress. Or if you wish, create matching accessories for the wedding party.

This sterling silver cluster necklace pictured right can be wrapped around or worn long. It features 10mm and 12mm creamy white pearls, milky opalites, brushed silver nuggets and clear Swarovski crystals. It is held together by a toggle clasp and handmade in Bali, Indonesia. This piece can be worn in a single strand or doubled around the neck. Length 31″ CDN$430. Visit

Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces and accessories for ideas.

Hearts Afire award winning ring. A perfect bridal jewelry gift.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories. Hearts Afire ring by Andrew Costen 2007 jewellery award.Award-winning goldsmith Andrew Costens’ Hearts Afire won the 2007 Canadian Diamonds Excellence in Design Award. The ring pictured left is valued at CDN$16,785. It has a 1ct Polar Bear Diamond surrounded by swirling, thorned hearts encrusted with diamonds. A panel of industry leaders selects the finalists. Attendees at the Expo and the public online cast the final votes.

Andrew and his business partner Mary Ann Buis have a boutique and workshop in Vancouver where their designs are handmade. Visit

Diamond Seahorses by designer Rhonda Faber Green.
Bridal Jewelry rings earrings necklaces accessories. Diamond Seahorses by Rhonda Faber.Los Angeles. If you are planning a cruise honeymoon take a look at the one-of-a kind collection Rhonda Faber Green created exclusively for six-star Crystal Cruise Line for their two ships the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. Several Hollywood celebrities wear Green’s designs including Paris Hilton and Priscilla Presley. Visit

Green incorporated the Crystal Cruise seahorse logo into many of her designs. Earrings pictured left, USD$2,275. Visit

Bridal Jewelry rings earrings by Premium Pearl.Pearls Are Always a Safe Gift.
Pictured right, are 10-11mm AAA Black Tahitian Pearl Pendant 18k Gold and Diamonds US$420. The 9-10mm AAA Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings 18kt gold and Diamonds US$580. Visit

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