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Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2016

December 28, 2015 11:39 amViews: 230

Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2016 from florals to art deco.

Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2016.

Samuel Kleinberg launches bridal jewellry trends for 2016.

This year’s brides will be wearing jewellery that ranges from the feminine appeal of flower power to the glamour of art deco. Samuel Kleinberg Jeweller, one of Toronto’s top jewellery studios, hosted the opening of its newly renovated store. And to introduce the hottest 2016 jewellery trends for brides.

Surrounded by glittering rings, necklaces and earrings of every color, hue and size, celebrity bridal stylist Joseph Spencer of Say Yes to The Dress has curated a collection of bridal jewellery for brides who need a little bling inspiration. “This year’s bridal jewellery trends are all about a celebrating femininity,” says Spencer. Floral motifs and elaborate patterns combined with colored stones will give a soft touch to the bride’s overall look.

Florals will be everywhere in 2016 from lace and appliques on weddings gowns, to event design elements, and jewellery. Vintage classics from the 1920’s and the ‘70s, especially those with delicate lines and soft colours, will add some romance to any bridal ensemble.

Brides won’t have to go too far to discover some hidden treasures close to home, especially in grandma’s jewellery box where they may find something unique and-personal to combine with modern touches of their own.

Bridal Jewellery gold earring trends for 2016.

18kt white and pink gold earrings, set with 36 diamonds = .36 cts total weight. Price $3,650CAN.

All that glitters is definitely gold. Bold yellow gold will make a big comeback in 2016, along with the softer white and rose-toned golds. And black will be back to lend some contrast in the jewellery line. With deep-V necklines in bridal fashion in 2016, diamonds or pale gemstones by the yard, will create a look of texture and sparkle, especially when layered. String of pearls, which never go out of fashion, look stunning when mingled with ropes of soft metal.

One can’t deny the sheer drama of the statement pieces, which are meant to catch the eye and draw attention. Big art deco style neckpieces, a jewelled hairpiece or a stack of diamond rings, will capture the spotlight for any bride who wants to make a statement.

Designer Melissa Spivak adds a final word to any bride looking for that special piece to brighten her big day. “Be unique – and always be you.”

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