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Bridal Health tips for wedding dress comfort

September 30, 2015 9:45 pmViews: 126

It takes time, energy and discipline to maintain your health during the planning of your wedding. Here are some bridal health tips to help take good care.

Bridal Health tips for wedding dress comfort.

Bridal health tips include eliminating the stress.

Here are the bridal health tips to help take good care.

And use your common sense. Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep!

Sound bridal health tips for energy that is needed during the planning of your wedding.

1. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water plain per day. A person who weighs 140 pounds should consume at least 70 fl. Oz. of water per day. Water is a natural way to clear the body of toxins and water retention

Avoid adding non-calorie artificial sweeteners to your water. This could actually work against you. Making you crave carbohydrates due to an insulin spike from the artificial sweeteners.

A bonus of being hydrated properly is your skin will look radiant on  the wedding day!

2. Avoid consuming excess sodium. Sodium causes the body to retain water. It may make you look extra bloated and puffy in your dress. 

If you use a nutrition counter try to keep your daily milligrams of sodium below 2000mg.

Avoid processed snacks like chips, crackers and cookies. And salty meals like Chinese, Mexican, Pizza or soup.

3. Make sure you get plenty of vegetables. And some fruits. In a 3:1 ratio of vegetables to fruits is optimal to avoid excessive fructose sugar consumption.  

Consuming at least 6 servings of which 9-11 is optimal of vegetables and fruits per day will help keep you hydrated and regular. This will also prevent bloating on the big day. 

If it is hard for you to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits consider making a shake in the morning for breakfast. This could consist of dark berries, spinach, carrots, unsweetened almond or coconut milk and a scoop of protein powder.

Bridal Health tips when you are planning your wedding.

4. Avoid excessive carbohydrates even from whole grains. Obviously processed flours and sugars are not optimal for weight management. Whole grains in excess can contribute to weight gain and bloat. 

Any time the insulin level is raised from excessive carbohydrate intake the body is not able to burn fat efficiently. 

Center your meals on vegetables, protein and healthy fats. A spinach salad with salmon. Vegetables and an oil and vinegar based dressing is a great option.

5. Incorporate both cardiovascular and strength training into your daily routine. Especially the last few days leading up to the wedding.

Cardiovascular activities like walking, running or swimming. This will contribute to weight management. And overall daily calorie burn.

Strength training will keep your muscles looking toned and tight. Especially your arms and back for your wedding dress.

6. Sweat in the sauna or steam room. This is another great way to detox your skin. It will help you shed excess water weight as well. Aim to hit the sauna 3-4 times per week for 15-30 minutes.

Try to take a shower immediately after you get out to rinse off the toxins in the sweat on your skin.

7. High allergy foods. Get tested by your personal doctor to see if you are allergic to high allergy foods. These can cause inflammation. Which can make your body hold on to excess body fat and water.

High allergy foods include gluten/wheat, dairy, soy, eggs and peanuts.

8. Get tested to find out if you should be taking core food supplements. If your body is deficient in any nutrients you could be holding onto excess body fat due to inadequate metabolism. You may be able to correct this by eliminating some foods and eating more of others.

The goal is to maintain a strong immune system to enjoy your wedding and for ongoing health. Keeping up with the bridal health tips will help you when you return from your honeymoon getting back to real life.

Bridal Health tips courtesy Dr. Keith Kantor.

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