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See the different types of bridal headpieces to help create the crowning glory for your wedding gown.

Bridal headpieces that are flowers can match your bouquet. Bridal headpieces can be made from flowers to match your gown.
Bridal headpieces at Fashion Week Spring/Summer by designer Bruce Dang for Paraezo Couture. Bridal headpieces photos by Kin Wong/WHNetwork Media.
Floral headpieces by designer Bruce Dang for Paraezo Couture. World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto S/S 2013.
Bridal Tiaras show Prince Diana and Queen Elizabeth both wearing the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara.

Queen Elizabeth, left, and Princess Diana both wearing the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara one of the looks for bridal headpieces.

Bridal headpieces such as veils and tiaras always inspire fascination, special poise, elegance and sophistication.

Bridal headpieces including Princess Dianas tiara.

Princess Diana is wearing her family Spencer tiara.

Queen Elizabeth shown above left, and Princess Diana are both wearing the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara.

The tiara was left to Queen Elizabeth by Queen Mary in her 1953 will, and Elizabeth wore the tiara a few times during the ’50s. In 1981 Elizabeth gave the tiara as a wedding present to her then daughter-in-law Diana, the Princess of Wales.

Diana choose not to wear the tiara on her wedding day to Prince Charles July 29, 1981. She wore her family’s Spencer Tiara pictured right.

She did wear the Lovers Knot tiara at the Opening of Parliament in November 1981.

Diana found the tiara heavy and it gave her headaches. She only wore it a few times at official functions. Once in Australia 1983 and during state visits.

She always wore a tiara from Prince Charles family.

The Princess did wear the Lovers Knot tiara in a number of photo shoots in 1987 and on Vogue 1991.

Following Diana’s death the tiara was returned to the royal vaults. Several companies who have copied the style and used rhinestones and Austrian crystals.

Royal bridal headpieces, veils and Kate Middleton’s Tiara.

Bridal Headpieces shows Kate Middleton veil with Cartier halo tiara borrowed from Queen Elizabeth.

Kate Middleton wearing Cartier tiara.

For her wedding on the 29th of April 2011, Catherine Middleton’s veil is held in place by a Cartier halo tiara that was lent to her by The Queen.

Cartier made the halo tiara in 1936. The purchase was by The Duke of York, who later became King George VI. His Duchess at the time later became Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The tiara was given to then Princess Elizabeth who is now The Queen, by her mother on her 18th birthday. 

Kate’s veil is made of layers of soft ivory silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers by the Royal School of Needlework.

The Bride’s earrings by Robinson Pelham are diamond-set stylized oak leaves with a pear shaped diamond set drop and a pavé set diamond acorn suspended in the center. Inspiration for the design came from the Middleton family’s new coat of arms which includes acorns and oak leaves. The earrings were made to echo the tiara, and they were a personal gift to Kate from her parents.

Celebrity bridal veils and tiaras.

Bridal headpieces incudes diamond tiara Victoria Beckham wore when she married David, July 4, 1999.

David and Victoria Beckham.

• When Victoria Adams married superstar David Beckham on the 4th of July 1999 she wore a crown encrusted with 231 diamonds created by jeweler designer Slim Barrett. Barrett later donated the crown for an online sale to raise money for the British Red Cross. Pictured right.

Bridal headpieces includes tiara Salma Hayek wore at White House dinner.

Tiara actress Salma Hayek wore.

• Diamonds and platinum tiara, left, by Cynthia Bach, worn by actress Salma Hayek to a 1998 White House dinner during the Clinton administration. Photo: courtesy ©Cynthia Bach.

Bridal headpieces includes tiara by designer Kokoshnik.

Tiara by designer Kokshnik.

• Designer tiara shown in The Nature of Diamonds at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, (March 2009). The Kokoshnik tiara, pictured right, Cartier, Paris, special order, 1911 Round old-single and rose-cut diamonds, platinum, millegrain setting from the Cartier Collection. Photo by N. Welsh ©Cartier.

A book on Bridal Headpieces that include a history of the Tiaras.

Bridal headpieces in the book Tiaras A History of Splendour by Geoffrey Munn.

Tiaras by Geoffrey Munn.

If you are looking for tiaras styles pick up a copy of Tiaras: A History of Splendour by Geoffrey Munn. This lavishly illustrated book includes exclusives photographs of Royal tiaras together with those of French and Russian Imperial provenance. It includes the four tiaras designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria. The author was also granted privileged access to archives of many famous Jewellers. Such as Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef, Arpels and Fabergé.

Many of the tiaras have great historical significance. Among the contemporary celebrity tiaras for Jamie Lee Curtis, Vivienne Westwood, Elton John, and Madonna made by Galliano, Slim Barret and Versace. Visit


BRIDAL VEILS. Traditionally veils were passed down from generation to generation. Today most brides wear veils which are purchased with their wedding dress. These range from the traditional to detachable ones that can be removed for receptions. Favorites include wreaths, caps, bows, hats and tiaras. Or the Bride’s hair is decorated with flowers or jewelry.

a) The face veil is attached to the headpiece and lifted upward during the ceremony.
b) Select your dress before your headpiece and consult your hair stylist.
c) Remember to check with your officiant to see if you require a face veil for the ceremony.
d) If your gown is elaborate, select a simple veil or headpiece.
e) If your gown has a classic style you can indulge in a fancier veil.


1. Mantilla is a Spanish-style veil that flows gently over a standing hair comb.
2. Pouf is a large gathering of light material attached to headband. Some poufs have fabric flowing from the headband to frame the face.
3. The Bow is a large bow is usually made from the same fabric as the dress. It is with or without tulle or veiling descending from the band to flow down the back.
4. Juliette Cap is a favorite. It has veiling or chiffon attached to the back usually secured by flowers or ornaments.
5. Combs and wreaths are decorated with silk flowers or trim from the dress. They sometimes have tulling or veiling flowing down the sides. This will frame your face and back.
6. Tiara a regal-appearing crown worn alone or with a flowing tiered veil attached.

Bridal headpieces by designer Bruce Dang for Paraezo Couture Toronto.

Floral bridal headpieces by Bruce Dang for Paraezo.

BRIDAL VEIL TRAINS. Trains come in different lengths and layers. And you can attach it Velcro tape on the dress waist or shoulders. This allows detachment for the reception. Some trains start right under the veil. Many are of light fabrics that look exquisite and flow with the movement of the Bride.


1. Brush is one that nearly touches the floor.
2. Cathedral falls three yards from the waist, and trails over two feet along the floor.
3. Chapel falls over one yard from the waist, and trails almost two feet along the floor.
4. Royal is so long that a page needs to carry it.
5. Sweep falls about six inches to the floor.
6. Watteau falls from the shoulders to the floor.

Tiara is the most dramatic headpiece style. It is an elegant way for brides to complement their gowns. Versatile and stylish the tiara can be worn alone or with an added veil.

Waterfall veils complement the simple styling in bridal gowns. Absent of embellishment and detail this sophisticated veil is worn high on the head with up-swept retro-style hair.

Crown is the most traditional of all bridal headpieces. The crown has either pearl and/or crystal detailing. A puff in the back allows the bride to wear her hair completely pulled up. Curls can create fullness on top of the head.

Some Brides choose Bling Headbands instead of Veils where areas are windy.

Back-piece extensions are very versatile and complete any look with simplicity and elegance. The hairstyle options for back pieces include a low chignon or a French twist. If the hair is away from the face, a bride can also wear her hair down with the back piece securely in place.

A headband is one of the most basic and carefree ways to finish off your wedding ensemble. It is a perfect way to wear your hair down, but away from your face. It is also ideal to keep long hair streaming down your back. But, it keeps the hair simple and neat. For short hair a headband perfectly accents the wedding day look.

Bun Wrap for those brides with shoulder-length or long hair. It is a bun wrap that is a natural option. And brides can wear their hair completely pulled away from their face. The hair is then wrapped into a bun and tucked through the headpiece. This also adds a dramatic flair to your look. Especially setting off high cheekbones and a long, elegant neck.

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