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Bridal Hair Tips selecting hairstylist and look

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The bridal hair tips for the crowning glory!

Bridal Hair Tips selecting hairstylist and look.

Bridal hair tips for your look by London hairstylist Charles Worthington.

As soon as you have selected the head piece for your dress shop for a hair stylist.

If you have a hairstylist you like and who knows the texture and color of your hair you will probably be happier having that person do your hair for your wedding.

If you are shopping for a new hair stylist ask what their bridal services policy is for new clients.

Most stylists will take the time to give you a proper consultation to discuss their service packages.

Hair pieces and extensions can be added to short or fine hair to create various effects. Wigs are often used on warm days.

Have your hair done in the salon two or three months before your wedding to make sure you will be happy with the results.

Let your hairstylist know if you are planning to take off your headpiece or veil at your reception. Go through a mini-rehearsal with your stylist in taking off your headpiece to help maintain its style.

Bridal Hair Tips to help create your wedding look.

Several hair stylists will make house calls before the wedding and meet you at the reception for touch-ups.

Remember not to color your hair the day before your wedding in case you need more than 24 hours to fix it. Above all if you are not all that cosmetic-conscious reply upon professionals.

Bridal Hair Tips selecting hairstylist and look.

Bridal hair tips by Charles Worthington.

Bridal Hair Tips from Charles Worthington, Creative Director of Charles Worthington salons. The London celebrity hairdresser and author has won many international awards including British Hairdresser of the Year twice and Men’s Hairdresser of the Year. In 2006 he was listed in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List and awarded an MBE for Services to Hairdressing.

Tips and photo courtesy Charles Worthington The Complete Book of Hairstyles. Visit

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