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Bridal Beauty Tips Celebrity Makeup Artist

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William Squire shares his bridal beauty tips.

Bridal Beauty Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist.

Bridal beauty tips from make-up expert William Squire.

Making a bride look beautiful and timeless on her wedding day is one of the most challenging jobs for any make-up artist. Not only must the make-up photograph well, but it must look natural in person.

Here are William Squire’s thoughts and tips to help brides and grooms on their big day.

Bridal Beauty Tips.

1. Most importantly, because of the “tear factor” involved in weddings, make sure that the mascara, foundation, and eyeliner are all waterproof. In addition, many destination weddings take place in warm climates, so waterproof make-up will keep from running or smudging.

2. When applying the lipstick, make sure to use a natural color liner over the entire lip. Then, choose a slightly lighter lipstick shade and fill in the entire lip over the liner. Blot the lipstick with a tissue. And then with loose powder cover the entire lip and mouth area. Reapply the lipstick to assure long wearing color. Indelible lipsticks are good if you don’t mind the “dry” lip syndrome!

3. Unless you have the luxury of having your pictures taken on a separate day, your make-up must look good for photos and in person. Work with the photographer in advance to learn their vision for the photos. Check the indoor and outdoor lighting of the venue(s). Include your make-up artist, if you are using a professional in these discussions. My rule of thumb is that it is always better to go with a lighter, softer look, rather than a heavy, dramatic look.

4. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Navy blue mascara is always a choice of most make-up artists at weddings, and other events, because of the intense whiteness that it brings to the eyes. Not only in the photos, but with everyone that sees you as well. The whites of your eyes will look their whitest and your eye color will be more pronounced! For any eye color or skin tone, navy blue mascara is always the answer!

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5. Keep your make-up natural and remember one should never tell you that your make-up is lovely, but that YOU are lovely. Do not use any stylized make-up or hair fashions of the current year. Keep it timeless so that in 50 years the photo will still look beautiful and not dated or comical!

6. If you are going to have a large wedding with a bridal party, please consult with all the participants to make sure that their make-up ideas are the same as yours. If you cannot have the same artist do the entire party, then at least have the same design and instructions for the look for your wedding.

7. Keep your powder to a minimum. Remember, radiant skin is youthful and glowing, older skin is matte and dry. Enhance your natural glow with products that add lightness and brightness to your face!

Tips For the Groom.

The groom wants to look handsome on his special day, as well. So please don’t forget to have the groom take a few moments to decide on his wedding look. Often times it can be as simple as an eyebrow trim, a touch of moisturizer or a dab of concealer if needed. Or a light dusting of powder so he doesn’t look like an oil slick!

For the Bride & Groom.

Smile–nothing is more beautiful than someone that lets his or her inner beauty shine!

Bridal beauty tips by William Squire for his Billy’s Blues.

Bridal Beauty Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist.

Broadway star Sandra Allen and make-up expert William Squire.

World-renowned, American make-up artist, William Squire, has launched his cosmetic line, Billy’s Blues.

The collection includes Billy’s Blues Mascara, a navy mascara that makes eyes appear brighter and lashes longer and thicker. And Billy’s Brilliance, a moisturizing lip-gloss that adds fullness to the lip and warmth to the face.

As the premier make-up artist for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani cosmetics, Squires created these products because he saw the need for these items that make any woman look better. And he couldn’t find what he wanted in the marketplace.

We thank William Squire’s for his bridal beauty tips that are so easy to follow. And wish him the best with Billy’s Blues.

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