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Books wines spirits wedding entertaining beverages

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W&H Picks for Books Wines and other Beverages for Your Reception Bar.

Rosé Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Wine.
Books wines spirits wedding entertaining beverages. Book on rose wine by Jeff Morgan.There are several books wines included that authors have fun with. Author Jeff Morgan weaves pink throughout the book in addition to being a rosé producer himself.

The refreshing book outlines the history and also a culture guide to distinguish the best rosés. Fresh and bright or lush and fruity.

Tips on how best to serve the wine. With pairing recipes to enjoy with the wine.

In explaining the shades of rosé pinks Morgan says not to get bogged down on the question of color. He suggests letting your palate and not your eyes be the judge of quality.

Rosé is usually thought of as a refreshing cool drink made for a warm summer afternoon.

But since rosé is best chilled like white wine. So is rosé. Especially when it enhances seafood and many other kinds of dishes in the winter as well as the summer.

The Rosé guide takes you through France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. And the new world of rosé in California and Australia. He lists sparkling rosés from most of the countries.

Pairing food and wine need not be complicated Morgan writes. Several recipes are with photographs by France Ruffenach. Interesting are the fried oysters. We will try them.

Rosé a Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Wine by Jeff Morgan (Amazon).

Books wines spirits wedding entertaining beverages.

Books wines. He Said Beer and She Said Wine.

Books wines spirits wedding entertaining beverages.Learning how to host your own home version of tasting events.The fully illustrated book gives in-depth instructions on how to pair both beer and wine with a wide variety of foods from cheese to desserts.

Co-authored by sommelier Marnie Old and brewmaster Sam Calagione, the book teaches how to get the best out of your beverages. With food or without.

Each author divulges the secrets of their respective trades using clear easy-to-understand language. With a little good-natured banter to keep things lively.

The book is full of tips and tricks. Specific beer and wine recommendations. Interactive elements to help you identify your preferences along the way. You will learn about what drinks to serve for sublime flavor combinations.

The book includes how to host home tasting events. Easy to prepare dishes with step to step recipes and beverage selections.

He Said Beer She Said Wine by Marnie Old and Sam Calagione. (Hardcover ISBN 9780756633592). Visit Amazon.com.

Books wines spirits to help you plan your celebrations.

Books wines and beverages. Wedding Parties between the engagement and tossing the bouquet.
Books wines spirits wedding entertaining beverages. Organizing wedding parties that start way before the wedding.Weddings are more than the big day. Since the parties start months in advance and often continue after the wedding.

Author Anna Post explores trends in wedding parties and most noteworthy, entertaining styles.

First of all the book contains common sense etiquette guidelines. Helping hosts plan and execute before and after wedding gatherings. In addition to creative ideas for indoor and outdoor parties.

When to hold the engagement party and showers. Gatherings for attendants the week of the wedding. Stocking the bar. Choosing the menu. Who to invite. Another important date to know is when to send out invitations. Guidelines for belated receptions.

According to Post etiquette is based on the three principles. Consideration, honesty and respect.

These principles help couples deal with many situations. Furthermore, some of the awkward or difficulties that happen between the engagement and tossing the bouquet.

The author also deals with do bridesmaids have to host a shower? Bringing a gift to an engagement party. Who pays for the bachelor party? Should all the out-of-town guests be invited to the rehearsal dinner?

Emily Post’s Wedding Parties (Collins ISBN 9780061543890 www.harpercollins.com). Visit www.emilypost.com.

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