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Blessing information for your wedding reception.

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Your Wedding Blessing is traditionally given at your reception.

Today’s Blessing information ranges from traditional to modern so you can discuss what you want with your officiant.

The traditional Blessing usually happens after the guests are seated, and before the meal is served. At the time of your Blessing a  member of your family or a guest may also say a prayer as well.

The toasts can follow the prayer or wedding blessing or you can wait until after wine or champagne is served. Some couples prefer that the toast take place after dessert and before they cut their wedding cake.

If  you want your guests to know when the blessing and toasts will be done, you can create a one-page order of events that can be placed on the tables. It is usually on the serving dish at each guest place.

Bestselling author June Cotner has put together an endearing compilation of prayers, poems, toasts and blessings in her book To Have and To Hold. It is designed to encourage newlyweds and help maintain the love that brought them together in matrimony.

The book is also a good shower or wedding gift for couples, as it is a timeless tool that married couples can also use as a natural personal source.

Wedding Blessing information and Toasts for your reception.

Wedding blessing information in To Have and To Hold by June Cotner.

(To Have and To Hold by June Cotner. Center Street Hardcover Pages 160, ISBN: 1-931722-91-9, ISBN 13: 978-1-931722-91-9). Visit www.junecotner.com.

Blessing information to help your wedding planning.

Wedding Toasts Dos & Don’ts.
What to Do.
1. Take your time and practice your toast before the wedding.

2. Rehearse the toast until you have memorized it. You may use recipe cards for your hand-held notes.

3. Tell light jokes only if you are good at them.

4. Stand up to make your toast. If the guests are talking, the Master of Ceremonies or the DJ or orchestra leader should quieten them by some device. And that indicates that another toast is to be given.

5. Test the microphone before you speak. If there is not one, talk slowly and loudly.
6. Look at the person you are toasting and raise your glass.

Wedding Toasts – What NOT to Do.
a) Bring up embarrassing school memories.
b) Mention first time marriages if either of the couple has been married before.
c) Tell ethnic or religious jokes, off-color jokes or use offensive language.
d) Discuss anything that is depressing. This is a time for joy.
e) Bang your glass with a utensil to get the guests’ attention.
f) Go over three minutes.

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