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Beyonce nails showed golden at Superbowl event

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Beyonce nails covered with Matte Gold Chevron Minx.

Beyonce nails showed golden at Superbowl event.

How doing Beyonce nails happened for salon.
Doing Beyonce nails was the last thing Lisa Logan was thinking about.

On Saturday January 26, 2013 at 5:00 pm salon owner Lisa Logan received a phone call. She was asked to jump on the first available flight to New Orleans. Her assignment was to create the style for Beyoncé nails and her backup dancers at the Superbowl halftime extravaganza.

Why the urgency a week before the event? 
The next morning Beyoncé’s team would be filming highly specialized holographic effects for the top-secret halftime spectacle. All the backup dancers and Beyoncé needed to have their nails styled with Minx solid nail coating.

Behind the beauty scene:
“As soon as I arrived at the hotel I began working on creating super long nail tips covered with the Gold and Matte Gold Chevron Minx. That would be worn by the backup dancers,” explained Lisa. 

“The process was very time consuming. The nails were going to be used in the holographic segment where it looks like Beyoncé has multiple arms. All the dancers had to be wearing the same design. Because the nails were so long I needed to use two Minx templates to cover each tip.”  
files from: BE! Daily Beautymaker

Beyonce nails and her backup dancers nails were salon owners celebrity assignment.

Katy’s Precious Metals look.

Beyonce nails at Superbowl Katy Perry at concert.

Katy Perry gold metals.

Celebrity manicurist Pattie Yankee created the designs for Katy Perry’s nails during her concerts at Madison Square Gardens in NYC 2011. Katy decided on Dashing Diva’s DesignFX nail appliqué Precious Metals for one of her looks. See photo left.

The nail service is at participating Dashing Diva salons. And other spas and salons in the United States. The service is about US$35 and up.

Beyonce nails at Superbowl Mirror Nail Awards and more.

Mirror Awards winner.

Mirror Award Nail Winner.

Jessica-Marie Ellison then a student of George Brown College won 2009 Nail Technician of the Year at the 15th annual Canadian Hairdresser magazine Mirror Awards.

A panel of 11 judges reviewed over 200 entries to select finalists in 23 categories for the awards held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Picture right.

Nail product faster than polish.

Beyonce nails at Superbowl, bride matches bridal lace on her nails.

Minx match the bridal lace.

Minx Nails is a product that enables a bride to take a photo of her wedding dress and order nails that match the pattern of her gown. As shown in the pictured left.

Beyonce nails a gold and matte gold Minx.

Or she can order a traditional French manicure with a modern twist. A white tip that matches the white lace of her dress to match her  manicure perfectly with her bridal gown.

Bridesmaids can match their manicure to the exact same shade of their dresses. They can also choose designs, graphics, or photos of the couple on their fingertips.

The nails don’t smudge or chip and good for close up photos.

It is a professional product that is only available in salons.

It is a flexible film as opposed to a polish. But like nail polish the product can be used on either natural nails or on false nails. The flexible film is available in foil metallics, personalized graphics and photo-quality designs.

There are no chemicals used for the application or removal of the nails. No fumes or mess. No drying time is required.

The product can be easily removed by placing the nail under a heat source. A hair dryer will do. Then gently peeling off the Minx from side to side and moisturizing the nail after removal.

Prices range from US$45 to US$80. Some salons are using it as an add on. For more information and to locate a salon visit – SW

Beyonce nails and Katy Perry nails are ideas for something different.

Your polish can be exciting!
by Gina Greschner.

Beyonce nails, Katy Perry nails at concert, bridal lace nails and red nail ideas.

Red nail ideas.

Nail art is becoming more popular and is another way to accessorize yourself and the wedding party.

For brides a French manicure on the toes is elegant and timeless. A coat of clear sparkle polish can be applied on top for added glamour.

Be creative with your toes by adding crystals to your polish in your own custom design. Crystals can be found at a drugstore or beauty supply or craft store.

Remember less is often more. When adorning your toes go sparingly. If you have never done your own nail art a practice run is encouraged.

To Apply Crystals.
Let polish dry. Use a small dab of nail glue or clear polish on the area you are applying the crystals.
Use tweezers to pick up the crystal. Gently press into glue or polish.
Complete the design and apply topcoat.
Photo Nails by Jessica Marie Ellison Yorkville School of Makeup Art. 2007 Nail Art Technician of the Year Award winner.

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