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Beer pairing cheese types barbecue salmon tips

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Low calorie grilling and beer pairing for wedding menus.

Beer pairing with grilled barbecue salmon in your backyard.

Beer pairing with barbecue salmon fillet is perfect for backyard entertaining.

And the beer pairing is as good as it looks!

Spinach Salad. 
To keep calories low try beer pairing with a spinach salad.  Load up on the leafy greens and plain seasonal vegetables as they are the lowest in calories.  Toss in some sliced barbecued chicken breast and drizzle on low-calorie dressing.

Or pair with another low-calorie drink option such as a gin with sugar-free tonic at around 100 calories.   Instead of a regular gin and tonic at about 200 calories.

Barbecue Salmon Fillet.  
To keep calories low try a barbecued salmon fillet and a side of grilled veggies.  For extra flavor without the calories add lemon to your fish instead of butter.  Or coat the fish with blackening spices. Spicy foods can help to increase your metabolism and reduce hunger.

Pair with a lower calorie drink option.  Such as a glass of white Zinfandel that has about 80 calories.  As opposed to a glass of Shiraz at about 135 calories.

Beer pairing with cheeses and barbecue salmon tips for your guests.

Beer pairing with different types of cheese.
When pairing beer with cheese it is best to start with subtle combinations. And work your way up to the more full flavored beer pairings in order to avoid overwhelming your palette. For maximum flavor aim to serve the beer cool but not cold. And your cheese at room temperature.

Belgian White Beer. Mozzarella is one of the lighter beer pairing cheeses in flavor and fat content. It makes sense to pair it with a lighter beer style. Such as Belgian White Beer. Bavik Wittekerke Wit Bier is a mildly spicy light bodied beer. It has a clean snappy finish that will complement rather than overpower the flavor of the mozzarella.

Hefeweizens works too.

American Hefeweizen.
Goat cheese is another type of cheese that has a delicate flavor. It would be overwhelmed if paired with a strong ale. Instead, choose a lighter beer pairing style such as American Hefeweizen or Pilsners. A great one to try is Penn Weizen whose carbonation is similar to that of champagne. This beer works because it is crisp and light-bodied. It has a hint of sweetness and spice to offset the mellow goat cheese.

Belgian Fruit Lambic.
A flavorful ripe and velvety cheese such as Brie and Camembert pairs nicely with fruit beers. They are both sweet and tart. My favorite flavor beer pairing combination is Brie with Cantillon Kriek Lambic. It is a Belgian Lambic fruit beer. This dry cherry beer is tart rather than sweet. It imparts an astringency that counterbalances the rich creaminess of the Brie.

Berlinerweisses works too.

Beer pairing cheese barbecue salmon tips, and don’t forget the popcorn!

India Pale Ale.
Hard sharp cheeses such as Cheddar require a beer pairing style that can stand up to strong flavors. India Pale Ales works in this department. The perfect partner for Cheddar is Park Slope India Pale Ale. It’s slightly sweet with subtle apple flavors.

English Brown Ales works too.

American Amber Ale.
For intensely flavored hard cheeses such as Parmegiano Reggiano an ideal partner is American Amber Ale. A good one to try is Anderson Valley’s Boont Amber Ale which is malty and rich. But smooth. It is also strong enough to stand up to the flavors in the cheese.

India Pale Ales works too.

British Old Ale.
Big, stinky, moldy cheeses such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Stilton are not for the faint of heart. And definitely not for subtle beers. They can effectively be tamed by a flavorful beer pairing style such as British Old Ale. Full bodied, smokey and fruity O’Hanlons Thomas Hardy’s Ale is a great match for a powerful Roquefort.

Russian Imperial Stouts works too.

Beer pairing with Molson Canadian and barbecued salmon fillet with cheese toppings.

Molson Canadian.

Pairing Beer & Popcorn.

To keep calories low try an outdoor snack like barbecued popcorn.

To make it you will need an outdoor popcorn popper. It is found where camping accessories are sold.

Toss the popcorn kernels inside. Place it on the barbecue and watch it pop.

Spice up the flavor but avoid adding calories by shaking on some chili powder or garlic salt.

Pair with the lowest calorie drink option. A light low-calorie beer like Molson Canadian 67 has 67 calories. A regular beer has about 150 calories.



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