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Beach Getaways money saving season booking tips

March 20, 2014 5:12 pmViews: 368

Tips for booking Beach Getaways on high or peak seasons.
Beach Getaways money saving season booking tips by knowing high and low peaks.

Sizzling sun sale on beach getaways.

Save Money by Knowing the Difference Between Peak Season & High Season.

HIGH season is December through March. PEAK season includes school holidays. Christmas. New Years and Spring break. Usually the middle two weeks in March.

Tropical Christmas. The best deals are found in the shoulder season. Late November to mid-December. Early to mid-January. Late March to early April. The weather is still good. But there is far less demand causing lower pricing.

By mid April the charter planes get shifted to Europe. So while space in the resorts is good there are less seats available. Which can keep the flight costs high.

Beach Getaways money saving seasonal booking tips.

Package Deals vs. Booking Flights & Hotel Separately.

Your best bet for saving money is to book a package with flights included. Particularly if you are going to an all-inclusive.

Charter flights are always less expensive than scheduled airlines. All-inclusive packages often include airport transfers. They can be costly if you are paying separately upon arrival. Sometimes up to $100 each way.

Your Travel Consultant can provide a cost comparison.

Beach Getaways money saving seasonal booking tips.

Use Your Proximity

Depending on which part of the country you are in can have an effect on price and time. Canadians in the West are often getting better value traveling to the Pacific side of Mexico. Such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. There are direct and relatively short flights. Also not much of a time difference.

In the East the same can be said for focusing on the Caribbean side of Mexico. And the Caribbean countries.

A direct flight and shorter distance is important if you only have a week off. Otherwise, you lose two days traveling to and from the destination.

Booking Early vs. Waiting Last Minute

Book early for your winter holiday if you want the best deal. Many people still believe they will get a last minute bargain. Popular all-inclusive destinations continue to grow. The best destinations sell out quickly.

Take advantage of Early Booking Bonuses (EBBs). It can save hundreds of dollars on certain packages. It also gives you peace of mind knowing your vacation is secure during peak seasons.

Many suppliers have a Price Drop Protection. It is typically valid up to 21 days prior to departure. You get a refund or future travel credit if the price drops. Ask for it when you are booking.

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