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Backyard Wedding Ideas for Summer Entertaining

May 14, 2015 8:30 pmViews: 339

Backyard wedding ideas to transform your space for entertaining your guests.

Backyard Wedding Ideas for Summer Entertaining, showers and bachelor parties.

Backyard wedding entertaining furniture and color ideas.

If you are going to be hosting wedding parties at your home in the backyard, here are some tips to freshen up the space.

Creating an outdoor oasis for your wedding celebrations requires careful planning for the space. While the arrival of summer is the perfect time to think about landscape elements, don’t overlook the finer details. Such as the furniture and accessories that bring an outdoor space to life.

Begin by defining your vision. Having an idea of how your finished space will look and feel, will help you make the best decisions.

Although tastes and trends may change from one season to the next, it is important to select the right furniture pieces that fit from the start.

If you have a patio or deck, sectional seating is an attractive option because it allows you to redefine your space in minutes. If you are hosting a bride’s luncheon or a get-together, strategically placed sectional seating can open up your space. It encourages mingling as well. If you prefer a more intimate arrangement the sectional can be rearranged into a closer configuration.

Look for a versatile collection in neutral colors. Most sectional can be arranged in different ways. This way, you can rearrange any way you want depending on the event.

To round out your furniture, consider the functional garden stool. Place one in a quiet corner for meditative moments. Two stools can create a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Or pull one up when you need an extra seat.

Backyard wedding ideas for your engagement party or reception.

You can easily change the feel of your patio with accessories. Like a new brightly colored accent piece, such as a tiled bistro table or outdoor Papasan chair.

Once the furniture is in place you can accent your style by adding pillows, cushions, umbrellas, outdoor rugs. And even outdoor curtains. To mix patterns, choose pillows and rugs in the same color family. Vary the scale of your patterns and introduce textures to ensure that they do not compete with each other.

Be sure to layer in treasures that are uniquely you. Lanterns, wall decor, statues and wind-chimes to establish conversational pieces.

Small changes can make a big impact. You can refresh last year’s patterns with new trends. Or simply add a few new accessories into your existing decor. It’s your party and you can do what you want to!

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