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Backyard Decor Wedding Guests entertaining

Go affordably beautiful in backyard decor for entertaining your wedding guests.

Backyard Decor for entertaining your wedding guests.

Backyard decor tips and how-tos by Lifestyle expert.

The interior design trends continue to straddle the outdoors. And nowhere is it more exciting than in this year’s designs for the perfect patio oasis. No matter whether your outdoor space is large or small, there are now more options. Especially when you can replicate the comfort and beauty found inside our homes with the latest products.

Layered Patterns.
You can add dimension and texture to your outdoor space by layering attractive patterns. Such as outdoor rugs that are a great way to incorporate both. And they are now available in more designs and colors than ever before. So you can find something that suits your space while adding comfort and warmth on a cool evening. You can also get creative and DIY by spray-painting patterns with stencils onto an existing rug.

• If you like to play with patterns without making a huge investment. Try using wrapping paper – like bold stripes or chevron as a table runner.

Canadiana backyard décor.
Get nostalgic with traditional cottage décor like vintage canoe paddles, lake-signs and other objects that you find. And do not forget the staple Muskoka-style chairs. While the wooden ones give a more classic look, they are also available in more modern sleek designs and shades.

Rustic English Garden.
Go Downton Abbey with soft touches of pastels and Victorian-era design. Think about patios filled with flowers, herbs and oversized wicker furniture with plush cushions.

Nautical Accents.
Thick stripes and preppy prints in classic reds and blues can add a hint of seaside splendour to any outdoor space. Many cushions and pillows feature vibrant, fade-resistant colours and are made with high-quality weather-resistant materials. You no longer have to sacrifice style for staying power.

Whimsical Oasis.
Incorporate lighting in mason jars or creative floral patterns to turn your terrace into an al fresco space ready for any soirée.

W&H thanks Lifestyle expert, Janette Ewen, who partnered with The Home Depot Canada to share some of this year’s top trends in outdoor décor. Ewen suggests checking out for more information. And the how-to ideas to inspire your outdoor space.

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