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Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white

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Enjoying the Caribbean romance on the Anguilla Bay beaches.

Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white.

Finding that Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white.

And finding the heartbeat of the Anguilla Bay.

In 2010, Lynne Gordon one of our travel writers, said she would like to discover the heartbeat of a country. She wanted to talk to the people of Anguilla. And to find out their attachment to the Island and to hear their stories.

While in Anguilla she found that the beaches are really that white. The sky is that blue. And the ocean is that green.

Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white, Franklyn R. Richardson, owner of Brod’s TaxiA few amazing things happened when Gordon reached the island for a whirlwind trip of four days. The tourist board had set up a guide for the visit. He was Franklyn Richardson the owner of Brod’s Taxi shown left.

Richardson drove Lynne to see the Anguilla Bay resorts.


Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white. Frangipani Penthouse Anguilla.Gordon stayed at the Frangipani Beach Resort in Meads Bay. The resort was built in an attractive Spanish Mediterranean style. Gordon enjoyed her stay in the penthouse suite shown right. She said that the suite had a huge bedroom with a king-size bed, living and dining rooms, two marble baths, a fully equipped kitchen, and laundry facilities. And the view was beautiful from the surrounding balconies overlooking the turquoise ocean and crystal white sand beaches.

The manager of the resort gave Gordon a tour of their property. The restaurants that served French Caribbean food, wine cellar, the beach and tennis courts.

In the morning, she was served a continental breakfast in her room. And loved every minute of it. Visit

Brod’s taxi showed up early to take her on tour. And since the Anguilla island is only 16 miles long, and three miles wide, it is easy to get around. This is especially true if you have a driver who knows how to navigate the two lane dirt roads! Especially when you must remember to drive on the left side.

You can find out that the Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white.


The Altamer Resort has a six-acre beachfront property that comprises of three unique villas. The Russian Amethyst. The Brazilian Dermal and the African Sapphire. The names of the villas reflect their international concept and color scheme.

Together they can accommodate 40 people. Butlers and chefs are available for weddings depending on whether you want all the villas or for just two people.

If money is no object and privacy is what you want the Anguilla property is breathtaking. Visit


Rendezvous Bay Hotel and Villas is situated on a two-mile stretch of white powder sand. It is Anguilla’s first beach resort on 60 acres of unspoiled beauty. It is locally owned and a family run property.

Gordon had dinner in the Cedar Grove Café that offers gourmet dining on a breezy verandah. Or you can eat on a waterfront seating under the stars. She had a tour of the hotel, villas and art collection before she was off to go dancing.

And dance she did at the well known The Dune Preserve restaurant owned by singer / guitarist Bankie Banx.

In Anguilla Bay the festivals are open to everyone on the Island.

Scilly Cay Harbour is an open air panoramic view restaurant. It is a five-minute free ferry ride from shore.

The restaurant is open for lunch. But you can also spend the day sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing under the thatched roof-like huts. Along with a famous Scilly Cay rum punch.

But be warned it’s potent. The host Eudoxie calls himself gorgeous. He welcomes you with an embracing hug. Gordon was treated to delicious crayfish caught in the local waters.

Crayfish doesn’t have claws or hard shell to crack she noted. It’s so easy to pick out sweet hunks of the meat. And the fish is more delicate than their excellent lobsters. Visit

Enjoying the Anguilla Bay beaches and hospitality.

What is clear is that all the properties, sports, beaches and festivals are open to everyone on the island. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you spend on your hotel or condo.

Gordon found that the people on Anguilla are like your neighbors. And that they consider themselves ambassadors of their homeland.

Anguilla Bay beaches are really that white.

Lynne Gordon.

Lynne Gordon made some wonderful memories in Anguilla. Like swimming with the dolphins as shown right. The talented writer passed away in March 2012. We miss her.

For fun you can visit the Dolphin Discovery at

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