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Almeta Speaks the Blues CD release Toronto

February 8, 2016 9:00 pmViews: 275

Almeta Speaks Releases new Blues CD. Toronto jazz lovers in for a treat.

Almeta Speaks The Blues CD release Toronto.

Almeta Speaks performing and releasing new CD.

Jazz diva, Almeta Speaks appearing February 18th at Hugh’s Room.

Toronto, Canada.
“An instinctive performer with a voice as big as all outdoors,” Almeta Speaks moves audiences with her soulful singing and piano virtuosity. To say simply that she is a gifted blues singer would be a gross understatement. The blues is only one facet of the repertoire at which she excels.

She is a jazz and gospel singer, composer, writer, historian of African heritage, and two-time Emmy Award-winning producer and more.

Born in Reidsville, North Carolina, where she sang gospel with her sisters from the age of 13, Almeta left her home town for New York City to develop her unique musical style. Which has been influenced by such luminaries as Mabel Mercer, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Edith Piaf, and Bobby Short.

In the 1970s, she was offered a two-week engagement at Toronto’s George’s Spaghetti House. Eleven months later she had garnered a large Toronto following and fallen in love with Canada.

Almeta Speaks The Blues CD release Toronto.

NEW Almeta Speaks the Blues CD release.

Speaks has performed in numerous cities throughout North American, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In 1997, she released two CDs on her own label: I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl and Let There be Peace on Earth.

Her new release, Almeta Speaks: the Blues, captures the richness of her music in her live concerts.

If you have wedding guests arriving from out of town and are jazz lovers, this is a perfect date to entertain them. Almeta’s last appearance at Hugh’s was in 2009. Don’t miss her Toronto appearance on February 18th at Hugh’s Room. She’s one-of-a-kind.

Almeta Speaks: the Blues.
Hugh’s Room is not open at this time.
Almeta appearance was on Thurs., February 18, 2016.
2261 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

W&H | Almeta Speaks the Blues CD release in Toronto.


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