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All God’s Children poem a reflection in time.

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All God’s Children

by Evelyn Pancer

The world rotates
and we obey
the rules that are
set down each day
like sheep we tend
to graze and follow
whatever is said
we choke, we swallow.

Democracy, dictatorship
if you don’t agree, give word
give lip to your belief
you’ll feel relief
The civil war to free
the races of
different colors that
found their places.

He is yellow, she is black
We are white…stand back!

A different face, a different name
and yet, don’t we all bleed the same!

Look at our world
in all its beauty
and do whats right
fulfill your duty!

And when its time to take your leave
tell those that
feel the need to grieve
that you know you have gone
to meet your maker
in the slot marked “giver”
and not marked “taker”.

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• Canada.
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W&H | All God’s Children by Canadian award-winning author Evelyn Pancer.


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