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After the Wedding getting back to real life tips

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Getting back to real life after the wedding day by day.

Marriage a partnership where it’s important to be in love with each other, and not just love each other.

After the Wedding getting back to day to day real life.Introduction.
The wedding ceremony is just a step in the creation of a married couple.

First you fall in love. Then get engaged. Plan a wedding. Go on a honeymoon. And then come home and start to spend the rest of your lives together.

Depending on how long you have known each other. Whether yours is a first or second marriage. Or how long your engagement was. The getting back to real life happens differently for every couple.

Day-to-day married life begins after the honeymoon. This is when the marriage really starts.

You will both start to work out your daily and weekend routines. Getting up, cooking and eating. Shopping, laundry, and chores around the apartment or house. Taking care of the car or the pet. Decorating the house and paying the bills.

Then there are your leisure and social times. Either together or with friends and family. It all gets worked out – sometimes sweetly. Sometimes not.

One of the most important facts of life in your marriage is to decide who and how the bills are going to be paid. If you are opening up a joint checking account. Or if one of you is going to assume the paying of the bills independently.

• If either of you is in personal financial debt which is going to carry over into your marriage discuss the situation with your intended before you are married and not after the wedding. So that you both know how you are going to remove the indebtedness.

• Financial problems are the primary cause of martial problems.

• If children come with your new marriage then one of you is use to living with them.

• If you’ve been living together before you were married the children could already have adjusted themselves to the relationship. Some children take time and understanding after the wedding.

• If jealousies or behavior problems arise it is easier to try to resolve differences when they first become apparent. It is time-consuming but important to the success of your marriage.

After the Wedding getting back to real life like setting up your bank accounts.

The good and the bad.
The intangible fact that you fell in love is so simple, yet it is one of life’s great mysteries. How and what makes it happen?

Over the years you will find out that some things that seemed important to you when you were first married just aren’t anymore.

Start to work on the goals that the two of you talked about during your engagement.

If one of you is the doer and one the thinker – then the doer should get things started. So that the thinker can keep planning for the next level.

If you are both doers – great. If you are both thinkers or too busy to do everything you want done then prioritize your desires in order to determine what is affordable.

Newlyweds usually enjoy a lot of socializing or entertaining in their new home. Often they try to find out each others’ favorite dishes and brush up on their cooking skills. Often to make some dishes the way the spouse’s mother used to.

If you are both lucky you will have in-laws who have honestly taken you in as part of their family. If not remember that it is your marriage and not theirs. Don’t fret, and do not look for trouble. Keep it simple.

Go to your in-laws when invited. Grin and bear it. Things change. Most times for the better.

If you argued during your engagement when you were planning your wedding, those stresses should go away after the wedding.

If you continue to argue with each other come to terms with the disagreement quickly. Try to work the problem out between yourselves.

If this fails seek professional help. Separation and divorce are too easy. Your marriage is worth the effort to make it work.

After the Wedding tips like visiting your in-laws.

Keep your boys- or girls-nights out to a minimum. If you wanted to be out with your friends all the time you should not get married.

If during the first year you find that you are going to start a family, enjoy! However, if you can spend a few years alone together you will lay a good foundation for time to come.

As soon as the children come attention is divided. Most of the time that is a good thing but be careful. You got married to be together. Always be protective of your spousal relationship.

After the wedding when real life minor details come up.

• As a Bride you can decide if you are going to take a married name. If so, you will need to submit your new family name to the proper authorities to update all your documents. Such as your driver’s license, passport and social insurance. Make a list of the items you are changing. Like your health insurance, car insurance and credit cards. Utility bills and sometimes the post office.

• Arrange for life, disability and home/apartment insurance. Dull but necessary.

• Be in touch with a financial planner if your investment folio presents complications that you cannot handle yourself. If you have no investments start now.

• Arrange to have your wills drawn up by a lawyer. Or you can also purchase how-to forms from stationery or office supplies stores.

• Go over your income tax papers carefully. By getting married you may fall into a higher tax bracket after the wedding. The tax department has brochures and manuals to assist you. You can buy software packages and videos on taxation. Or research them at most libraries.

Planning your first Anniversary after the wedding.

Start planning your first anniversary celebration. On New Year’s Eve make your own resolutions separately. And then make some together.

Over the years, as partners, your team work will include doing and accomplishing lots of things. Some you will like and some you won’t like. The best part of it all is that you have got someone to share it with. The good and the bad.

You can renew your vows anytime and anywhere you want to. Either in the town or city where you live or on your holiday. Several couples do so to celebrate an anniversary.

After the wedding you entered into a partnership where it’s important to be in love with each other. And not just love each other.

Congratulations on your wedding. Now get on with your marriage and welcome to real life!

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