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2017 wedding dress trends bespoke designer

December 5, 2016 7:53 pmViews: 161

2017 wedding dress trends, details and elements by Montreal bespoke designer.

2017 wedding dress trends for brides and ideas for grooms Montreal bespoken designer.

2017 wedding dress trends for brides and ideas for grooms.

While rustic, botanical and monochromatic themes are recurrent. Setting the tone with organic touches, smart use of colors and textures such as green touches, glass, metal and wood create the global aesthetic wished.

Brides will find a wide range of new lengths this season. With a strong new trend for tea and midi lengths for the spring summer seasons. The ’50s sweeps are still going strong and pair together perfectly shorter hems heights. The straight bohemian styles are evolving into chic looks as the fabric are more embellished and embroidered then before.

The shoulders are a great focus for the brides. Off the shoulders, long sleeves and boat neckline being under the spotlight and offer great alternatives for all body types.

Statement earrings are a strong and interesting trend to look into as well. Especially when choosing a more minimalistic gown to personalize the look.
2017 wedding dress trends, lace capes and veils new shapes and styles.
Capes and veils are more then ever available in new shapes and styles. They are amazing alternatives to dress up or down the attire as the day progresses.

2017 wedding dress trends and groom ideas by bespoke designer.

For the groom, there is a strong come back for traditional accessories in menswear.

We love a real bow tie. It requires time to practice the art of knotting but definitely adds to the overall image.

For a less formal but very polished look dark shades of blue, anthracite and jewel tones can be great choices of suit colors instead of the classic black tuxedo or morning jacket.

Kid Mohair light summer wool or silk blends are an amazing option for summer weddings while fine twills, velvet and jacquard can be an edgy take on the subject for the fall and winter season weddings.

2017 wedding dress trends Maison Bespoken designer Cinthya Chalifoux.

Cinthya Chalifoux.

2017 wedding dress trends are by designer Cinthya Chalifoux, the founder of Maison Bespokenov. She has ten years of experience in the fashion and tailoring world and says that, “I believe I will always be an apprentice.” There are so many ways to learn, every day, every garment and development pushes the boundaries. It brings the mind forward and that, to me is a blessing, a chance to explore. Bespokenov is a manifest of this line of thoughts.”

W&H | 2017 wedding dress trends by Montreal bespoke designer.


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