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Weddings Honeymoons Advertising leading source

Weddings Honeymoons Advertising leading source.

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Weddings Honeymoons Advertising categories online.

Weddings Honeymoons advertising categories online.

Weddings Honeymoons Advertising leading source.

Weddings Honeymoons advertising online provides powerful multi-media marketing and branding. Especially for products and services when couples are planning their wedding.

Branding & Selling Smarter on the Web.

JOIN US ONLINE. Since 1992 Weddings & Honeymoons magazine has helped brides and grooms plan their weddings. Editorial articles feature wedding and romance travel how-tos, trends, styles, tips and much more.

In 1999 we launched www.WeddingsHoneymoons.com online. This makes shopping for the reader just a click away from anywhere in the world.

Weddings Honeymoons Advertising leading source.

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• Half of weddings worldwide happen in July, August and September.
• The average age of the Bride is 31.7 and the Groom, 34.3.
• The average cost of a mainstream wedding is $20,000+.
• Traditional weddings are still the most popular type. Followed by less formal and destination weddings.
• Wedding costs increase approximate 5% annually.
• Couples doing DIY projects on the rise to save costs. Includes centerpieces, décor, guest favors, etc.
• The average number of wedding guests is 125, but range from 50-300.
• December Holidays remain the most popular month for engagements. Followed by Valentine’s Day in February

• Planning and budgeting a wedding usually takes one-to-two years.
• During wedding planning couples are also establishing lifestyle trends. Along with purchasing habits, brand loyalties and buying patterns.

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