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Wedding signature drink ideas created by Lauren Mote


You can try these wedding signature drink ideas for your celebrations.

Wedding signature drink ideas created by Lauren Mote. [2]

The Van Dusen Sour by Justin Taylor, one of the Wedding Signature Drink ideas from the Boulevard [3] Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

Vancouver Bartender Lauren Mote and her friends are featuring their romantic drink recipes. And one or more may be perfect for your wedding signature drink ideas. And you may want one for your wedding theme, and colors.

The award-winning bartender, Sommelier, and International Spirits Diplomat, celebrated her 33rd birthday in fine style at the 2015 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. When she was given the Bartender of the Year Award in front of a standing-room-only crowd of restaurateurs, chefs, and industry peers.

Mote becomes only the second woman to claim the coveted Best Bartender nod. In 2013 she and Bittered [4] Sling co-proprietor, and Café Medina executive chef, Jonathan Chovancek were named Producer/Supplier of the Year.

Wedding signature drink ideas by award-winning Lauren Mote. [5]

Instant Crush by Lauren Mote, Bittered [6] Sling.

Wedding signature drink ideas created by Lauren Mote. [7]

La Vie En Rose by Justin Darnes, Taco [8] Bar.

Wedding signature drink ideas by Lauren Mote and friends to check for your wedding.

Born and bred in Toronto, Mote began her career behind the bar at Club Monaco Patio and Café in Yorkville at the age of 18. She became a sommelier while working as bar manager at Toronto’s Le Sélect Bistro. In 2007 she landed the role of bar manager at Lumière in Vancouver. Then moving on to work in managerial roles at several restaurants. In 2010, Mote realized a dream of combining the cocktail and culinary worlds when she established Bittered Sling Bitters alongside Chovancek.

Wedding signature drink ideas with recipes. [9]

Lauren Mote receiving Award from John Burns, editor-in-chief, The Vancouver Magazine.

The Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards were judged by a panel of experts and critics. They were handed out at a formal award event in Vancouver, B.C. A full list of winners is available at www.vanmag.com [10].

About Bitters. It was originally marketed as a medicinal tonic. Bitters are a concentration of select natural herbs, fruits and spices. They are an indispensable tool of any bartender as well as a flavoring agent for cocktail and culinary creations. Both savory and sweet.

Wedding signature drink ideas and recipes that you can try. And by the way, you can have more than one.

Wedding signature drink ideas for your wedding. [11]

Romantic Bellini by Justin Taylor, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

By Justin Taylor, Bar Manager, Boulevard [3] Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

1. • 0.5 oz Beefeater Gin.
2. • 0.5 oz Giffard Peach Liqueur.
3. • 1 oz Peach Purée (recipe below).*
4. • 3 oz Jaume Serra Cava.

Shake gin, liqueur and peach purée* in a cocktail mixer pour in a large glass. Top with Jaume Serra Cava. Served at Boulevard with a house-made ‘Violette ice cube’.

Peach Purée.
Peel. Pit. And purée the peaches in a food processor, then strain through a fine sieve. Refrigerate until cool.

By Justin Darnes, Bar Manager, Taco [8] Bar.

• 20ml Lemon juice.
• 15ml Raspberry coulis.
• 30ml Kirsch cherry eau de vie.
• 15ml Calvados.
• 2 dashes Rose water (available at gourmet food stores or Persian grocery).
Top with Rosé Champagne.

Add all ingredients, except Champagne, to a shaker, fill with ice and shake well. Strain into a collins glass filled with ice. Garnish with lemon zest and a dried rose head.

Wedding signature drink recipes that you can make yourself.

By Justin Taylor, Bar Manager, Boulevard [3] Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

This refreshing cocktail brings to mind the most beautiful flowers of the summer. Its floral aromas and intriguing depth is bound to please and stimulate the palate.

Boston shaker. Jigger. Hawthorne strainer. Fine mesh strainer.


1. 2.0 oz Okanagan Spirits Aquavitus.
2. 0.5 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur.
3. 0.5 oz Galiano.
4. 0.5 oz lime juice.
5. 0.5 oz lemon juice.
6. 0.75 oz egg whites.

Chilled coupe glass.
Combine all ingredients in the shaker.
Add ice and shake for 15 seconds.
Double strain to coupe glass.

Peychauds bitters.
Add 3 drops to egg white foam and use an olive pick to design flower.

Instant Crush, a great name for a wedding signature drink.

By Lauren Mote, Co-Proprietor, Bittered [6] Sling Extracts.

The “Instant Crush” is inspired by the flavors and ingredients in our Bittered Sling relationship. Chovancek developed a bitters after Mote’s personality, the “Moondog.” In return, Mote developed a cocktail inspired by Chovancek’s favorite flavors. Creating a perfectly balanced elixir that they instantly lust after.

1. 1.00 oz Reposado Tequila
2. 0.50 oz Espadin Mezcal.
3. 0.50 oz Fernet Branca.
4. 0.50 oz Cassis Blackcurrant Liqueur.
5. 0.75 oz Cocchi Americano White Vermouth.
6. 2 dashes Bittered Sling Moondog Bitters.

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, add ice and stir until well chilled and diluted, about 15-20 seconds. Using a julep strainer, pour over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a long peel of orange, pinched into a heart-shape onto the top of the glass.

And if you are wondering where the word Moondog came from? It is the original pet-name of Mote as seen through the eyes of partner in life, love and crime, Chef Jonathan Chovancek. The “moondog [12]” name itself, comes from a Daniel Lanois [13] song, written about a famous writer and composer.

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