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Wedding Decor Finishing Touch for Celebrations

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Your Wedding Decor is where the theme and colors meet.

Wedding Decor and tile seating placements.

Wedding decor erasable name settings created by Place Tile.

The finishing touch for wedding decor is your theme, style and colors. These can carry through from the engagement dinners to the car decorations.

Depending on budgets for your wedding decor. Stylish erasable ceramic tiles are a nice touch as table place cards. They can be used on the head table or as a descriptive accessory for each dish being served. As pictured above.

It gives a personalized finishing touch and becomes a souvenir of the event. These items can also be put on your gift list.

They come in a variety of style themes. Retail $35USD for a set of six. Available at retailers or online at placetile.com.

Wedding Decor from Vintage to Modern.

Vintage look tip for wedding decor.
If you want to make sheer curtains look vintage or lose that new look. Soak them in a combination of tea bags and instant coffee mix. Two-four bags of tea to one-half to one cup of instant coffee added to a gallon of water of warm water. This can be adjusted depending on the desired color goal.

Do not use hot water or the material may shrink if it is cotton. Make sure you test it on a sheer curtain you are not using before you do this effect.
Wedding decor choices will help you set the mood and style.

Wedding Decor Finishing Touch for Celebrations by Harriette Rose Katz.

Wedding decor purple theme by Harriett Rose Katz of New York City.

The wedding decor can be simple. Unique. Elaborate or traditional. The decorations can encompass flowers real or silk. Candles. Lanterns. Ribbons. Balloons. Streamers. Fabrics. And anything else you can imagine.

Once you decide what you want. Sometimes it’s easier to decide on what you don’t want! You can start looking for those items that are going to embellish your special day. Some ethnic customs dictate which ribbons and other decorations are to be used to symbolize specific wedding traditions.

If you are going to hire a professional designer let them know your color and theme ideas. Above all the budget you have in mind. Before the designer finalizes your decorating plans make sure you approve the final photos or drawings. The final design includes costs and colors.

Look through craft books to get ideas for wedding decor centerpieces and table gifts.

Most professional designers will show you a scrapbook of their previous wedding decor assignments. They will probably want a 50% deposit on your order. With the balance paid by certified check or debit at the wedding.

Make sure your contract lists the name of the person who will be giving the designer your payment. And who the payment should be given to.

If you are organizing your own decorations there are several creative designing and craft books. They explain step-by-step ideas. Research will include florists and nurseries. Craft stores and friends who are good at DIY decorations.

Centerpieces for tables at parties or receptions depends on how elaborate you want them to be. And your budget. They can be created, bought or home-made.

Centerpieces are usually designed to carry the theme and colors you have chosen.

Look through craft books to get ideas for centerpieces and table gifts. Candles. Flowers. Fruits. Candles. Theme icons. Disposable cameras. Favors. Candies – favorites are tulle-wrapped candied almonds. Objects of arts and hobby items.

Built centerpieces with breakaway clusters of bud vases or decorative potted fruit trees.

Use your imagination and come up with that special item that means so much to you. Your guests will enjoy your revealing how personal the day means to you.

Decorating materials mostly used for wedding decor.

Balloons. They can be fun or gaudy like at a birthday party. Or simple enough to just be used to enhance the color effect your theme requires. Balloons can be single or clustered. Neon, metallic or pastel-colored.

Balloons can be used during all your wedding activities. The dinners, showers, reception and on your car leaving the ceremony. Be careful of helium balloons. Often there is a clause in reception hall contracts that charges for getting the balloons down from the ceilings.

Candles. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And can be decorated with all kinds of materials. Often used for table centerpieces either upright or floating.

On the head table candles are often in majestic candelabras. Romantic candlelight is perfect for evening weddings. Most decorative candles have fragrances that you can choose.

If your wedding decor is planned around candle motifs check out a candle specialty shop. Use glass blocks or similar elements as pedestals to make for interesting presentations.

Wedding decor Flowers.

They can be real or silk. Single flowers or clusters. Potted flowering plants or garlands. Most florists and nurseries rent trees and decorative floral pieces.

If you are doing your own decoration and using fresh flowers find out from a florist how to keep them fresh and alive. Or research it online. Depending on the time of year of your wedding fresh flowers could be available from the gardens of your families or friends.

Lighting. Besides candles there are a number of items you can use. Decorative lighting can set dramatic and romantic moods. Chandeliers. Hurricane lanterns. Small white Christmas lights. Semi-stage lighting such as pin spots or stenciled cut-outs that go over lights to project patterns on the walls, dance floor or ceiling.

More lighting ideas are available from specialty lighting stores or stage lighting companies.

Ribbons and Bows. Boy, can they create magic. Some are attached to light wires. This enables you to shape attractive finishing touches.

Besides the regular use of bows on packages. And the knife for cutting your wedding cake. They are used for decorating the ends of church pews. Dressing up boutonnières. Creating flowers. Decorations on shoes, handbags and crowns. And anywhere you want to place them.

Streamers. They can carry out the color theme of your celebration. The streamers can be used on their own or with other decorations. They are useful to create illusions when you want to block off areas. Such as a kitchen. Or to help complete the ambiance of a room.

Wedding decor Materials.

They range from light fabrics like tulling, organza and gauze. To heavier ones such as damask, satin and taffeta. Or to light velvet that can be used as draping, hangings or coverings for the tables, chairs, entrances and walls.

Designers make it look so simple. When they take a piece of cloth and bunch it up just so to construct a beautiful archway or put a unique cover on chairs.

If you’re doing your own decorating check out decorating and craft books. They include step-by-step ideas for colors, fabrics and styles.

Other Wedding Decor Ideas. Ice sculptures. Archways and trellises. Figurines. Urns. Personal items such as framed photographs from both of your childhoods to your engagement. Seasonal items that coincides with your wedding date. Holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

If you want something different allow yourself plenty of time to decide. And where you are going to get them.

Going-away decorations. No matter how the two of you are leaving, traditionally guests will watch you leave. The get-away car, hot-air balloon, motorcycle or horse and buggy is usually decorated. Sometimes nosily.

Florists usually carry a special tape and clips to attach items to decorate cars. Without damaging the paint. Otherwise anything can be attached and it usually is!

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