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Sparkling Wines Glasses for Wedding Celebrations

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Selecting sparkling wines for your wedding can be a romantic event in itself.

Sparkling Wines and Glasses for Weddings and guidelines for tastings.

Glasses for Sparkling Wines with Bonnie and Clyde theme decorations.

Finding sparkling wines for your wedding celebrations.

At an engagement party or other evenings with friends buy several sparkling wines suggested by your wine shop. Or ask each couple to bring a bottle of sparkling they have enjoyed.

Ask everyone attending the party to score each wine.

1. Great wine really delightful.

2. Good wine happy to sip this.

3. Just okay.

Collect the scores. And determine which wine has the greatest number for Great wine really delightful.

In buying sparkling wine for this party allow at least one bottle for every two people.

Alternatively you might purchase several bottles of sparkling wine that have been recommended to you. Taste them one per evening or one a week over dinner.

Continue tasting until you both agree you have found the right one to serve at your reception.

If you live near wine country or are planning to visit. A terrific way to select your wedding bubbly is to visit two or three different sparkling wineries. Try all the styles they make such as Brut. Rosé, Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noir.

Serving sparkling wines follows simple guidelines.

• A bottle (750 ml) of sparkling wine will serve 5 to 6 glasses.

• The best glasses for sparkling wine are flutes or tulips. Specify either type when ordering wedding glassware.

• Sparkling wine should be served well chilled overnight in a refrigerator. Or one hour in ice.

• Sparkling wine should be poured only as guests are ready to drink it. Pouring the wine before may have warmed it up too much.

• Sparkling wine is essential for the wedding reception and toast. Allow 1-1/2 to two glasses per person for an hour reception. More if your friends love wine.

Serving sparkling wine exclusively throughout the reception and the meal itself is elegant and festive. And simplifies the types of glassware you need to order.

Allow half to two-thirds of a bottle per person.

While most people like their sparkling wine Brut in style. Weddings may include guests who like a slightly sweeter wine.

You can accommodate them by purchasing cassis syrup or framboise syrup. Add about a teaspoon of this to the bottom of the Champagne glass before pouring the sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine makes wonderful thank you gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen. Or friends who have helped with the wedding planning.

Extra bottles can be used later to celebrate with friends who could not attend the wedding come to visit.

Make sure you have a set of Champagne flutes on hand for ongoing dinners or parties. Add them to your gift registry list.

Tips courtesy Eileen Crane, President and Winemaker, Carneros in Napa, California. Visit

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